Class 3 Students Scholarship – 3rd Standard Scholarships

Scholarship for Class 3 Students – Overview

Scholarships aim to reward academic achievement and educational advancement to a student. If you are beginning your career or studying to learn new skills in high school, having a scholarship is a big achievement. Speaking of the economic benefits, scholarships are particularly attractive for young experts who are simply starting their careers as employees. Also, receiving a scholarship will open the way for different opportunities for education as well as jobs.

Newspapers and magazines include several articles detailing how students can plan to apply for scholarships. Yet, people need to fully realize that planning for these programs cannot take place overnight. A good background and excellent academic record are required.

List of Scholarship for class 3 Students

1. Ajmal National Talent Search Examination

Ajmal Foundation, a public charitable trust, has started the Ajmal National Talent search examination for class 3 students. The goal of this examination is to encourage and cultivate a competitive spirit among Northeastern students.

2. Pre Matric scholarship (Unclean Occupation) Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government’s Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance offers applications for Pre Matric Scholarships from Class 1 to 10 students whose parents are engaged in the unclean occupation. Under this scheme, the children of persons engaged in the occupation, such as tanning, scavenging, sweeping, and flaying, would be benefited by scholarship amount.

3. VJNT/SBC students Maharashtra

Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Maharashtra Government, invites VJNT / SBC students studying in high schools to apply for tuition fees and examination fees. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance and enable the students of VJNT / SBC to pursue their high school studies.

4. Geo Genius Geography Olympiad

Geo Genius invites students studying in class 2 to 10 to apply for Geo Genius Geography Olympiad 2018-19. The Olympiad aims to make students aware of the geography of the study, as it offers an understanding of the planet and its systems.

5. National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement

Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, is inviting students over five years of age but under 18 to apply for the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2018. The goal of the scholarship is to award students with outstanding academics, art, culture, design and sports status, etc.

6. Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority, Delhi

Government of Delhi, Department for the Welfare of SC / ST / OBC, invites applications for reimbursement of tuition fees for SC / ST / OBC / Minorities, Delhi 2018, from students studying in class 1 to 12. The scheme’s goal is to reimburse the students for the tuition fees.

Class 3 Students Scholarship Eligibility criteria

Ajmal National Talent Search Examination

Students of regular class 3 and belonging to northeastern states are eligible.

Pre Matric scholarship (Unclean Occupation ) Maharashtra

An applicant must be qualified for a scholarship. If :-

  • Studying in Class 1 to 10
  • Be children of those involved in an unclean occupation such as flaying, sweeping, scavenging, and tanning.

VJNT/SBC Students Maharashtra

To qualify for the scholarship applicant must belong to the VJNT / SBC group Applicant must be a registered high school student. There is no age or income limit for the scholarship Candidate must not earn any other scholarship.

Geo Genius Geography Olympiad

State board members, ICSE board members, CBSE board, and international boards studying in class 2 to 10 are eligible to apply.

National Child Award For Exceptional Achievement

Candidates must be resident in India.

Age of the candidate must be between 5 and 18 years.

Scholarship SC/ST/OBC/Minority, Delhi

  • A student must be Delhi’s domicile.
  • A student must belong to the Class of SC / ST / OBC.
  • A student must be in recognition / affiliated class 1 to 12 with the Department of Education, Govt. Of the NCT of Delhi / Delhi Municipal Authorities.
  • Annual family income should not surpass INR 2 lakhs.
  •  A student must not earn any other scholarship

Class 3 Students Scholarship Rewards and benefits

Ajmal National Talent Search Examination

The candidate will receive cash awards, certificates of merit and the amount of scholarship up to INR 5000

Pre Matric scholarship (Unclean Occupation ) Maharashtra

The students selected will receive the scholarship as follows:

For Hostellers – INR 700 per month for ten months will be granted to Class 3 to 10 students along with an INR 1000 Adhoc grant per student per year.

VJNT/SBC Students Maharashtra

Economic support

Geo Genius Geography Olympiad

All 3 Medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be awarded to students.

National Child Award For Exceptional Achievement

Gold and Silver Medals with money awarded 20,000 and 10,000

Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority, Delhi

Reimbursement of Scholl fees

Last Date of each scholarship mentioned on the above list

Scholarship Name Last Date
Ajmal National Talent Search Examination March 2020
Pre matric (unclean occupation) December 2020
Geo Genius Geography Olympiad October 2020
National Child Award For Exceptional Achievement August 2020
Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority, Delhi Jan 2021

How to apply for a Class 3 Students Scholarship?

Ajmal National Talent Search Examination

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for this scholarship

  1. Download the form
  2. Fill the details
  3. Submit in the nearest examination center

Pre Matric scholarship (Unclean Occupation) Maharashtra

  1. Fill in all-important information to complete the registration process.
  2. Use the user name or password to sign in.
  3. Complete the Scholarship application process.

VJNT/SBC Students Maharashtra

  1. Complete all of the information along with the college proof and fee evidence paper.
  2. Now, press the Submit button to apply fully

Geo Genius Geography Olympiad

There will be registration forms available at the school. Students who wish to participate must contact the school teacher-in-charge. Students should be enrolled via schools.

National Child Award For Exceptional Achievement

Procedure for applying for a scholarship:

  • Fill out the details.
  • Attach documents if necessary
  • Mail at gov. site

Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority, Delhi

Procedure for applying for a scholarship:

  • Login to become a new user.
  • Fill out the details.
  • Include all documents required.

Class 3 Students Scholarship Renewal Steps

Every year the student has to fill out the renewal form for the scholarship. Only those students who score more than 50 percent marks on their Class 3 entrance examinations are eligible to renew their Class 4 scholarship.


Having a scholarship for your skills would give you respect not just in other people’s eyes but also in yourself. This would mean you know your strengths and shortcomings, and you are able to grow in places you are lacking. This is a great advantage, especially during group discussions, when questions are thrown at you after answers.

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