Rose Day 2020: Date, Quotes, Celebration, Facts, Meaning

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What is Rose Day?

We all know that Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year, around the world. The week before the actual Valentine’s Day is termed the Valentine Week.

Usually, in this week, people are busy charting out plans, trying to find out what their loved ones want, what kind of gifts they prefer to receive etc. So, the beginning of this valentine week is made with Rose day every year that falls on the 7th of February, right a week before the actual Valentine’s Day.

Meaning of Rose Day

Rose day is celebrated for a reason. Worldwide, people from all walks of life soak in the spirit of Valentine’s Day as the day draws close by. Almost a week before, all shops and stores, restaurants, gift stores, online shopping portals, decorate their areas and deck up their spaces to create the season of love.

It attracts people from outside. People get into the fever of love, of celebrating valentine day and showing love to the ones they are in a relationship with.

So, to exhibit love, roses are the best way to express feelings, but it is popularly known that different kinds of roses have different meanings. So, it’s good to know what each rose stands for and then express your love with beautiful roses.

Rose Day 2020

Thursday, the 7th of February 2020 will be celebrated as Rose Day. As usual, people will gift loved ones with roses that will make them happy and bring a smile on their faces. It is a way of expressing your love by displaying affection rather than showing it in words.

The day will be celebrated the world around where people in love will surprise their loved ones by gifting them with surprise roses to see the reaction on their faces.

The week following the valentine day will be a week to remember. People will plan out all surprises for their loved ones. They will be planning candle light dinners, gifts, and special presents to their loved ones. But the perfect way to make a beginning is to commence these surprises with a bunch of roses.

The perfect bunch that will speak a lot of love-filled words and express thousands of emotions that a lover may seldom day it himself.

Usually the norm in our societies is that, guys gift their girlfriends a bunch of roses, because girls usually love flowers. Girls are generally associated with the qualities of flowers. Rose, especially is a celebration of beauty. So, in one or more terms, rose also signifies the celebration of beauty related to womanhood.

So, gifting your girlfriend in this upcoming year 2020 on Rose day could mean a lot of importance to your girlfriend. Not only would she be impressed with your gift, but also remember that you hold a special place for her in your heart. She would feel important in your life and would love you all the more.

Rose day Celebration

Celebrations usually begin the earlier part of the day at major restaurants and big malls in great cities all over the world. People also choose to decorate their homes with roses in some of the English country homes.

But apart from choosing to have a rose-themed celebration for the loved ones, people also prefer to gift special presents to their loved ones. In colleges, people prefer to keep the spirit of love going with red roses, red attires and red bouquets and designs.

In keeping up with the celebration spirit, it is also important to know what kind of roses to gift your loved ones. Sales of roses at florists will be at an all time high on that particular day. Rose exports and rose gardens also celebrate a day of prosperity as people will flock to them to buy bunch of roses to gift their loved ones.

Before making the move to buy the perfect rose for your partner, here’s the guide to celebration on rose day, by knowing the perfect rose that you need to gift:

Red roses

The perfect roses and the most popular and commonly bought roses to celebrate love. Red indicates depth and longing for your partner.

Red roses given to anyone, in any kind of relationship fosters a sense of well being and goodness and brings strength to their relationships. Occasionally greeting the important ladies of your life with a bunch of roses could well make your day and bring loads of smiles and happiness on their faces.

White roses

White roses are not the ones to be gifted on rose day. They do not indicate love on rose day. In English weddings, a bunch of white roses are complimentary to the occasion.

In English culture, white roses are also primarily taken to funerals to place them on coffin boxes as a mark of respect to the departed soul. So, beware, do not gift your loved ones white roses on rose day, it’s a total miss fit to the event.

Yellow roses

This color, especially on roses could mean two things. On the brighter side, it could mean friendship. So, if you haven’t’ found your perfect partner as yet, you could simply gift a bunch of roses to your best friend and bring a smile on her face.

It could also mean fostering ties of friendship wishing your big group of friends. But if you happened to give this to your partner, you should be cautious enough before doing so. It could mean, portraying infidelity to your partner, or signs indicating the end of the current relationship.

It could also mean that you intend to end your relationship with your partner in an amicable way and so you are gifting yellow roses to avoid unseen situations.

Pink roses

Pink is the color of mutual admiration. Pink roses also indicate joy and livelihood. In case you are the contemporary type and plan to celebrate rose day in the unconventional way, then plan to buy a bunch of pink roses and create a change in the way the day is celebrated.

Orange roses

Orange color, like red also indicates strong relationship and deep love for someone special. Most often, orange roses are a good contrast with red roses to indicate a strong liking and special love for someone.

Team up your bouquet of red roses with some orange ones in between, which will make the appeal of the colors more attractive and increase their chances of striking the right chords with your partner.

Lavender roses

These roses are rather rare to be found in the rose market. The occasion for gifting this kind of a rose is also quite uncommon.

This kind of rose if for the ones that started love at first sight. That first moment when they kindled feelings of love for each other, that first moment which became special for a lifetime, that initial meeting that created a lasting relationship for an entire lifetime, this and many more occasions could be well, prosperous reasons to gift your partner a lavender rose.

Peach roses

Peach is the mildest among all colors. This does not significantly talk about deep love and affection. If your love is just limited to a simple blush or admiration of one’s beauty and goodness, prefer to keep it limited with the perfect bunch of peach roses.

Celebrations on rose day is not limited to love and gifting of roses between lovers alone. If we happened to visit any hospital on that day, we would find the hospital staff distributing roses to their patients, just to cheer them up and bring in a positive effect on their minds.

Healing is not just through medicine; love and display of care and affection are also important aspects of the process.

We can choose to bring a smile on somebody’s face, bring happiness to people who are suffering, choose to think for them, spend a day for their sake, gift a rose to someone needy, and bring a difference in somebody’s life.

Rose Day Quotes

  • “The sweetness of love can be found in every petal of the rose flower”.
  • “The nectar present inside the rose flower is actually a flow of love between two lovable hearts”.
  • “The beauty of rose remains constant is it in sunshine or be it during the rains, let the beauty of your relationship be a reflection of this”.
  • “Smell the beautiful fragrance of rose and spread the perfume of love all around”.
  • “All men love the most beautiful roses, for the most wonderful women in their lives”.

Rose Day Facts

  • Rose day is an important celebration and a part of Valentine’s Day, where expression of love is made through roses.
  • “Eros” essentially is believed to be the ‘Love of God’. Eros, can be derived from the word ‘rose’ by rearranging the letters of the word in no specific manner.
  • In English culture, roses are an integral part of every celebration and hence people prefer to gift roses as a token of love.
  • Different roses signify different emotions and moods.
  • Roses are the best way to foster ties with your loved ones. It could also extend to your parents, well wishers, spouses, siblings and friends.
  • Roses were considered a symbol of love, even as old as 35 million years ago.
  • Red roses became symbols of love, right from the days of Cleopatra, in the 30 BC.
  • People publicly became more acceptable about admiration of red roses as symbols of love, during the Victorian times.
  • Shakespeare popularized red roses as romantic symbols in his works.
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