Status & Role of Women in Indian Society Essay

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If given a deep ponder on, this world would have not been there if women were not an essential part of this very beautiful world. However, the status that Indian women have been facing is beyond world. From times immemorial, women have been seen down and they are always kept below the men in India.

Women forms the four fold status role where she is born to someone as a daughter. The next phase comes when she becomes someone’s wife. She is a homemaker in the process and finally, she becomes a mother.

Over the years, it is just the womenfolk who have been seen tolerating injustices and sufferings.

Status of Women in the Society

The women face social issues in the society and they are trying to improve their status in the society to the utmost. Education is the main factor, which has, allows them to walk out of their households in the present times. Women of today are more aware and they know which decision to take in order to have an impact in the society.

It can also be seen that women are participating in various movements to secure eminent positions in office administrations and in public life. Women have started to care about their needs and health more than in the previous times.

Role of Woman as a Wife

Women are sharing equal right and duties along with their husbands and it is seen that relationships are getting closer with love and affection. However, there are some places in India where girls are still thought as burdens, they are taught the meaning of self-sacrifice, and parents want to get them married soon.

In the cities and towns, relation between husband and wife is become equal and there is freedom of choice of marriage in the society. Women can get married in the choice that they prefer the most. This change took years to develop in the society.

Women Participating in the Socio Economic Activities

Women today are participating actively in economic, social and political life and they are trying to best to make a change in all of these phases.

With the needs of people increasing more and more, women of today try to make a career and earn money so that they do not have to fall prey to the changing economic demands.

People try to maintain a high standard of living, which is not possible just by the single income of the husband. Women equally participate in the economic needs to meet with the standard of living.

Marriages in the Indian Society

The view of marriages in Indian society has not changed much and there are still many girls who give in to their parental choices when they reach the age of marriage.

Most young girls are taught to view marriage as a priority in their lives. In addition, many girls enter into careers until the time they are unmarried and once they marry, they stop working and become homemakers.

Status of Rural Women

Right from the time of Independence, great leaders have wanted to provide the same provision to women that are with men. However, only the women in the urban areas have a rare fortunate situation to get equal right at par with men. The women in the rural areas are yet to enjoy all the privileges and rights that they deserve.

Women in the rural areas do not get basic education facilities because of which they are deprived of many independent thinking.

Women Equality Does Not Have Universal Applicability

Not all women have been able to achieve achievements in the sector of education and equal rights. There are still majority of women who face dominance of the male society and though they get all the basic facilities, but, there are not enough jobs for women and they are also exploited even in the office environments.

Role of Women in Politics

Education have helped the women folk to understand the dynamics of polities and with that, they have started participating in the political life by attending meetings and becoming members of the political parties.

Many women have been able to shape the society with their influential talks and political forefront. Many have also been able to change the opinions of public for the betterment of the condition of women in the society.

Enjoyment of Legal Rights by Women

Women do not try on their own to change the conception of the society and most of the times, they give in to the desire of the society.

Women restrict their enjoyment and rights because of the pressure from the elders of the family. With the change of attitude in the elders, will there comes a change in the way women enjoy in the society.


Education is just a means by which women can improve their levels. But, women have to themselves know their worth to be able to rise in the society.

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