Essay on Role of Women in the Society

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Women means idol of power sacrifice and love. In whole her life she plays different role of mother, sister, daughter wife, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law etc. which holds a great place in the life of men. She plays a vital role in the house as well as in our society.

House cannot be imagining without a women like that only a society can also be not taught without her. They are very important in both the places.  Now day’s women works in many field and do the work for the welfare of society.

Condition of women in past

The conditions of women in the present day are very god comparison to the past. In past women were not allowed to go. Out of the house. Hey do only the house work their main duty was to give birth to the child and look after them.

They were not allowed to get education. Men were superior and they only rule in the house and society. Women have to follow the rule made by their father, husband, brother or other men in the house. They do not get any type of freedom for doing what they want. The life and condition of women were very miserable.

Condition of women in present

The condition in the present are better than past. In present the women get education and also go of the house for work. They work for the welfare of their house and society. In today world women not only give birth to children take care of them and also goes out to work for the development of the family.

They not only play the role of mother, sister, wife, and daughter but hold different position in the society. Today women do all the works that a man can do and they also know how to get an equal status like a man.

Role of women in the Indian society

Today women play a very important role in the house and the society. Women works in many fields like, politics, science , sports etc. many work place today are run by the women and the places cannot be imagine without a women.

In that field women only commands. In today world they know how to bring themselves in front of society. Educated mothers and wife play a great role in the society.

Today educated mothers are very much capable to understand good or bad thing for their children future. Today are also enjoying the equal status with husband which was not possible in the past.

Their relation has become more equalitarian and companionable. Educated girls are now very much capable to choice husband or companion of their own choice. Education and increased awareness has brought a terrible change in the women’s life.

They have become aware of political problem. They enrolled themselves in the political parties and play important position in the parties.

They work for the status of their own and for other also for the betterment of women’s conditions in society.
Today women are working in many fields like science and sports also. In the field of science women are also playing a virtual role. They not travel in the space with them. In past sports was the field of men only but today women has proved it wrong.

They are playing many sports which men were considered superior like wrestling, cricket etc. They not only play it very well but also bring pride to the nation.

Women are working in every field whether it is flying an areoplane, running a train bus or an even a truck. Women are running a big business also by themselves and earning great prosperity.


Today where women are playing important role in the society there are also some women who are treated like post. In our society women are praise or men like a goddess but in some place or men treat them as an animal.

It is very important that each and every woman should get equal treatment and equal education. Women should get every right and equal opportunities.

It is duty of the society that they should also treat them like a human being and as respect their feelings and freedom.

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