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Pain is temporary, quitting lasts long. Until there is no pain, there can be no gain. Sports are one such activity that teaches us to never give up. It teaches us perseverance and builds up patience in us. There are many categories of sports today.

Team sports, individual ones, duo sports, indoor and outdoor sports, water sports, etc. There is yet another category of sports- adventure sport. My favourite category is the adventure sport with special liking for rock climbing and hiking and trekking.

These two sports rise up my energy levels and I can never be tired of it. Both of these maybe my favourite sports because I belong to the hills of Uttarakhand, with beautiful meadows and surroundings. I love these two sports because they have a lot to teach, than they seem to. They are more than just adventure activities for fun.

Rock climbing

rock climbingRock climbing is one of the toughest parts of adventure sports. It needs concentration, patience, strength, both mental and physical and the ability to be able to find the right way. It is one of my favourite sports because it being challenging.

We all have heard the story of an ant, falling seven times and yet getting up the eighth time to climb up a wall. I feel that rock climbing is the practical, human application of this philosophy. Rock climbing is hard. When a person falls the first time, the want to reach up to the top keeps the person going and try again. Rock climbing teaches us to be patient and thoughtful.

It requires one to concentrate on the possible positions to climb up and be patient till the very end. The same is applicable in the real life as well. If one has to climb up the ladders of success, one has concentrate on the way, not take shortcuts, be patient and never be afraid of starting all over again.

Rock climbing is not just an adventure sport. Its intricacies teach us the basic values of life. No matter how hard the rock is, there always ways to climb up. The sport teaches us that no matter how hard a situation seems to be, it always has a solution to it.

No problem comes without a situation. The only qualities that are needed all the way are that of patience and perseverance. If rock climbing is done in a group, trust in the person taking the lead. This is the best thing that rock climbing teaches us. In life, when we work as a team, trust is very important.

To excel in the field, one needs to take help from others and provide help to others. Thus, it is the biggest lesson that rock climbing teaches us. These are the reasons why rock climbing is my favourite sport.

Hiking and trekking

Hiking and trekking are other adventure sports that I enjoy the most. The very idea of walking along the long meadows, green grass, mountainous terrains, admiring the beauty of nature, with friends excites me the most. I find it appealing because there are no electronic gadgets that hinder the experience, no worldly things that can distract us from admiring the view of the place.

I love these activities because these are the times when we really care to look at how the natural world looks. These are the times when we realise that capturing the memories of a place in our hearts is greater than capturing those in cameras. These are the times when we actually notice things that we have been ignoring.

Hiking and trekking early in the morning, with the fresh air brushing against your cheeks and hair, nothing can be better than this. I love to go for trekking and hiking especially during springs. Those are the times when Mother Nature is at its best.

There is greenery all around, with the sound of waterfalls and rivers, the chirping of the birds and all the best things in the world. These are the moments when we realise the importance of outdoor fun. These activities being so much fun and enthralling, add up to the list of my favourite sports.


As rightly said by Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant, “it is not the will to win those matters- everyone has that. It is the will to prepare to win that matters”. I feel that favourite sports are made when we enjoy what we do. Until we have the will to prepare for the win, no goal can be achieved.

Rock climbing and hiking and trekking are my favourite sports because these are the activities that I enjoy doing. These are two sports in which I have a will to prepare for being the winner. Even if I fall, I have the seal within me to get up and reach to the set target.

Both these sports teach me to be perseverant and patience. They teach me to concentrate on what we are doing and live in the moment. They teach me to enjoy the surroundings and never be saddened because of the situations. They teach me to build up team strength.

As these two sports teach me so much, I love these. It is the ability of the brain to take up what lies in front of us. As Laird Hamilton rightly said, “make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.”

My brain is at peace when I think of taking up these two sports. These are the reasons why these two constitute to be my favourite sports.

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