Speech on Road Safety for Children and Students (500 words)

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A very warm welcome to everyone present here. The topic on which I am going to speak today is a very relevant one in today’s world. It is road safety.

Rules and the lifeblood of the world. Roads connect us with one another. Roads are marvels of science. They reduce distance and catalyst all forms of transit. With these roads comes a plethora of vehicles that move about on it 24/7. With increase in globalization and modernization, the number of motor parts and such other vehicles have become extremely high on the roads every day.

Hardly moment passes when there is no car on the road in front of us. No doubt the increase in the number of cars and vehicles on the room have eased our lives. But just like anything else there are disadvantages of this too.

The increase in the number of cars have paramount importance because greater number of cars and vehicles also translate to a higher risk of people and property being damaged by them due to human error and negligence.

Advancement in science and technology has resulted in the building of better quality of roads and as a result the cars and other vehicles which moves about on it have the freedom of driving at a higher speed. Due to this highest speed many at times it is observed that they tend to become negligent of the pedestrians and bystanders and this irresponsible behavior result in death and damage.

Even if they apply brake in time the cars skid and is out of control of the driver and causes vehicular collision. The situation is worse in one-way high speed moving traffic when collision in one car disrupt the entire traffic and causes a series of collisions like the Domino effect.

Proper amount of checks and legal measures should be taken in order to prevent or at least minimize such events. The policeman should be equipped with proper speed monitoring equipment and strict action should be taken on the defaulters.

Another major problem in our country is the legal system which has become defunct and corrupt. Many a times the accused malign with the policeman or the judge in order to sway the judgement in their favor. The judicial precedent is replete with examples of such individuals refuting all sorts of law and order restrictions and performing acts of incompetence regarding road safety.

A big issue today is the quality of roads and the number of potholes present in it that causes disruption in the vehicle movement and often results in accidental damages and injuries to pedestrians who many a times succumb to their injuries.

Because of poor quality of road material and loopholes and gross irregularities in construction process, the roads are made of extremely poor quality which deteriorates it’s just after it has been built with a spell or two of light showers. The amount of Red Tape associated with the process of construction and hierarchical system of corruption and bribery makes for the construction of these low-quality roads.

The pot holes in it that are deep and extremely dangerous particularly during night when there is a shortage of light. Many people even fall into it and sustained injuries to which they might not easily recover. Proper warning and hazard symbol should be used in order to intimate the people regarding the location of these potholes on the roads.

Proper traffic signals are also absent in most parts of our country which result in cars from opposite lens and adjoining roads to collide with each other when they are at high speed. Many times, the people neglect using indicators and warning flash light or horns which results in road accidents.

The roads made should have one-way traffic provisions and a proper footpath for the pedestrian to cover distance by walking. Most of the incidence of vehicle accidents occur when a person is trying to cross the road and the driver fails to stop the car in time.

Many times, this is because a proper zebra crossing in traffic signal has not been provided for the pedestrian for transit across the road. Overhead road crossings are also needed in some busy areas where stopping the traffic for the passage of pedestrians is not possible.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that what is most important for road safety is awareness. Children should be taught from early age what road safety is about and how to behave on road. Strict driving tests should be put in place so that road safety is never compromise because of a driver error.

Drivers should be educated through workshops and awareness programs regularly how to use the road and let others use it. At the end of the day nothing is more important than our lives and reaching a place 5 minutes earlier should not be done at the expense of our lives and of others’ lives.

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