The right NBCOT® Exam Prep is your insurance for passing the NBCOT® examination and become a certified Occupational Therapist

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The right NBCOT® Exam prep will guarantee that NBCOT® (National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy), which is responsible for determining the aptitude of a potential candidate for the rigorous responsibilities of a certified occupational therapist, will give you a passing grade. For a passing score, you will need to have the necessary knowledge about introducing or re-introducing a client into the mainstream and the critical activities that are essential to one’s everyday lives.

In order to earn your license you also have to successfully pass the NBCOT® examination to gain the qualifications of a certified professional capable of maintaining a career as an occupational therapist. if you want to save time and money preparing for the NBCOT® exam with the help of an online course from passtheOT will ensure your success!

NBCOT® examination: A general introduction

Once you are a certified professional, you will be responsible for aiding individuals in distress. You can work individually or with a group and you are required to maintain and develop different activities as well as interventions in the affected persons that have been affected and disrupted by mental, physical health issues along with other disabilities. The nature of the job is vital and sensitive, so you need to be appropriately licensed and certified to be able to practice. The NBCOT® exam is a primary certification that allows you to earn the status of a  l practitioner.

Eligibility criteria for the exam

For U.S. residents

U.S. students and residents are automatically eligible to take the test. However, you need to have a graduation degree along with one additional associate degree in occupational therapy if you are applying for the COTA® exam and you need to have a masters degree if you want to become a licensed OTR®

For international students

In case you are a non-US student and you don’t have the requisite entry-level master’s degree for occupational therapy practice from a U.S. accredited university, you will have to apply for an OTED (Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination) process. The OTED will certify whether you meet the required eligibility status for taking the certification exam according to NBCOT® guidelines. OTED application is online and the fee charge if $850/application.

For students who speak English as a second language:

The NBCOT© Exam is offered in English only. If you are not proficient in English, you might want to consider taking an online English speed reading class to improve your general reading speed prior to taking the exam.

For students with accomodations:

If you are a student with a disability and feel that you may require an accommodation to take the exam, testing accommodations are available.   Usually students who are granted accommodations by NBCOT®, will be alloted time in a half to two times the standard testing time.  You should visit to see if you qualify for these special circumstances.

How to apply and schedule the exam?

Let us go over the first things first. You need to create a MyNBCOT profile on the official NBCOT® website. NBCOT® usually provides a certification handbook, and you shouldn’t miss out on it as it will offer you valuable information and guidelines regarding the examination. At the completion of the online examination application, you will be required to pay a fee of $515.

The second part is the submission of the final transcripts also known as the Academic Credential Verification Form through the school registrars. The governing body for the exam, the NBCOT® will require the final transcript to verify your eligibility for the exam, and there is a separate option for paper application process priced at the fee of $555.

There is a waiting period after which your application form if all the details furnished match out, is approved. After this approval, you will receive an Authorized to Test letter via your e-mail provided. It is the authorization letter for you to schedule your OT test.

NBCOT® exam rules and regulations for COTA®’s and OTR®’s

There are various rules and regulations that you must abide by while appearing for the test.

First and foremost you must remember that there are test centers all around the world and you can take it from any of these approved centers. The total time for the examination is five hours and fifteen minutes. The test itself is for 4 hours and the rest of the time s required for completion of all the administrative requirements. You are allowed to take breaks during the test but be aware as the exam clock will keep running.

You are advised to arrive about half an hour earlier than your scheduled appointment. You will also need two sets of identification prods as acceptable identifications. Driver’s license, passport and any of the various state issued I.D. are valid.

Lastly, you must keep in mind that gadgets such as cell phones, cameras, and watches are not allowed inside the test center and while you are taking the test. Any kind of jewelry other than wedding and engagement rings need to be taken off. Concealed weapons of any kind or hard copy documents are also banned while you are at the examination center. Talking, eating and drinking are also not allowed while you are taking the test.

How is the examination scored?

The scale for the examination is 300-600. The score is based on the number of correct answers as well as the relative difficulty of the exam version you appear for. The pass score is 450, and there is no penalty for wrong answers and unanswered questions.

You have the option of reviewing your answers at the official website using your account. NBCOT® is the ultimate authority when it comes to your scores after you have taken the test. If you achieve the pass score, you will be notified by e-mail and a letter of congratulation at your doorstep. If you are successful, you will also receive an official certificate from NBCOT® and a wallet card as proof of the certification.

If you are unable to clear the test, you will still get notified via e-mail, and you will receive a digital copy of the feedback report for the test taken. It will include the overall score and breakdown of the performance right down to the domain level along with the detailed explanation.

The exam content

Generally, there are about 200 items, and the exam is divided into sub-categories. Broadly speaking the exam is a mixture of single response multiple choice answers and multi-response six option answers. The examination covers 3 general areas.

The first being the obtaining of information and developing of the client-centered intervention plan which accounts for 28% of the total exam.

Second is the correct choosing and implementation of the evidence-based intervention plan which is 52% of the exam and third is the maintenance of a high level of professionalism while practicing which accounts for 20% of the exam.

So what should you do?

A prospective participant should always prepare wholeheartedly before appearing for the examination. Checking for online resources and by enlisting yourself in practice and preparations platforms and forums, you can boost your chances of getting certified. Get hold of the Occupational Therapy Assistance flashcards and guides to help you through the preparation, but most importantly sign up for a proper study prep course.  All the very best!

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