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Rights mean that a person has the authority to do respective work without any objection. Similarly, fundamental rights of India mean that government of India has given certain freedom to citizens of India.

There are total 6 rights which are given to every citizen of caste, religion, class.

These are

  1. Right to freedom
  2. Right to equality
  3. Right against exploitation
  4. Cultural and educational rights
  5. Right to constitutional remedies
  6. Right to freedom of religion

Every right has been amended in our constitution. These rights came into existence after India’s independence in 1947.

Among these six rights, we are discussing about Right against Exploitation. It has been explained in Article 23 and Article 24 of Indian constitution.

This right provides safety from two main attacks which are human trafficking and forced labor.

Right against Exploitation

Once the right of equality and liberty has been granted to a person then it should be noted that no one gets exploited.But the constitution makers wanted some more clarity and strict action again exploitation mainly in the weaker section of our developing society.

Constitution of India mentioned three specific illegal activities which are evil to our society.

    1. Human Beings Trafficking

Trafficking of human beings means buying and selling of humans among which women are more common, for immoral purpose. Stats say that children trafficking have been increased at alarming rate.

No one knows who they are, from where they are? All rackets are international which means that this problem is not only in India only but also in other countries.

So, it becomes very difficult to find a person if he/she is abducted by a tradesman.

    1. Prohibition of begging

Our constitution prohibits forced labor or beggar anywhere in any form. Beggar is a kind of work for which servant has to obey its master instruction and has to work without salary or being paid.

Under certain circumstances when someone has practice it for lifelong then it is called as bonded labor. Without proper knowledge and education, person is forced to do begging under such circumstances.

Other even do not want to do work and just want to eat whatever they get in the form of beg.

    1. Child labor

Finally, the constitution prevents from child labor. No one has the right to employ a child who is less than fourteen years of age in any mine, shop, factory or at home also.

Thousands of children suffer from early marriage, labor, begging, smuggling and drugs. Child exploitation does not violate the power of Indian constitution but also the mankind.

Right against Exploitation Essay

Exploitation type

Before blaming Local laws and police authority, we have to blame ourselves because under such restrictions exploitation is happening and news occurs frequently regarding the killing or suicide due to the torture which has to face by servants.

One among exploitation type is devadasi system. In devadasi system parents marry their daughter with deities, object of worship, idols or temples in the name of their religion.

This system has been prevalent mostly in the certain parts of western and southern India. After the Independence we are still suffering from these cultural riots which do not have place in the social and political concept.

Sati system is also prevailing in India. According to which, sati is a girl whose husband dies and she has to burn herself either by taking self decision or by force.

The widow has to burn herself either on her husband’s funeral pyre, or burying her alive in her husband’s grave.

In order to stop this system, India introduced Prevention of Sati Act which makes it illegal to encourage anyone to commit sati.

But still as per the traditions some widows join their husbands in deaths. There were at least 4 cases which came into picture in between 2000 to 2015.

The very famous slogan one man, one vote, one nation is made as equality before law and freedom of profession and right to move freely in any part of the country.

All this would be waste if one man is controlled by another man and one’s life becomes slave of another.

Thus the fundamental rights are very important for the freedom as these rights do not deal with only sexual exploitation of children but also with their birth rights.

Best way to enlighten the citizens about these fundamental rights is education. As education is the best source of awareness towards the facts and figures regarding the trafficking and labor.

Education can be of any form like television, newspaper, pamphlets, and authorities giving information in panchayat.

But first of all we have to make stand against the exploitation because it starts from our home only and it gets its roots everywhere.

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