Retirement Speech for Boss

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Good morning to all my colleagues and fellow mates and obviously my boss. Today we have gathered here to wish your beloved boss Mr………………. Farewell as he departs from us with a heavy heart.

I am here to present a speech on this occasion. I would like to ask you for your co-operation throughout the time that I am presenting my speech an also pardon me for any mistake that I commit while presenting my speech.

Retirement is the time when one takes a break from the monotonous working life and seeks to spend the rest of the life in peace and without tension. Retirement provides one some time for self thought, self-care and self- observation.

It is the time when one turns his attention to one’s family and spends some family time. But for me retirement is a time to actually enjoy life. Going on trip, roaming places is what I plan to do in my old age. But keeping aside my plans today we all are here to wish Mr…………… some good wishes for his retired life. We all have gathered here solely on this purpose.

I have been working in this company for five years now and I am glad that I got the opportunity to work here. All my colleagues are so friendly and so cooperative with me. They never made me felt that I have joined a new environment. But the best person to eased out my tension of joining this new office was my boss Mr……………… He was the one who interviewed me and gave me his approval for joining this office and under this post.

I was a trainee then, a teenager who had just got out with a degree from college with no work experience, this made work opportunities less. Some of the other officials said that since I knew very few software’s it wouldn’t be good appointing me. But sir said that he has faith in me and he knows I can do well and that I’ll learn up fast.

He said if newcomers are not given chance of learning then how will they learn and told me that I’ll work under him. Hence my position in this office was solely because of him.

I hope I have been able to keep up your expectations sir. I hope I have been able to catch up fast and learn all the software’s and hope I am prosecuting my work well. My boss had been my inspiration throughout the time that I was in this office. There were times when he got angry.

There were times of arguments too. But that is needed for a healthy work relationship. Let me relate to you a small incident of my working career. One day I got stuck at some files. Sir gave it to me and told me to get them done by evening. But unfortunately, that day only I had to attend some family occasion, I was in a bad situation or rather a priority crisis. I could not miss out my family occasion neither could I leave the files.

The deadline had already crossed and that day was the last day to solve them out. When I was half way through I checked on the time. I was late already. Just then sir came into my cabin. He saw the worried look on my face and inquired. I told him everything.

And he understood the mess of things that I was in. He suddenly burst out laughing. I got more confused. Seeing my look, he said “Am I your enemy?”. I said “no”. “if you had problems you could have told me. I could have given it to someone else or done it myself. How much of it is done”. I said “half”.

He said “oh good! Leave it then. Start for your event. Rest I’ll do or you can come back early tomorrow and get it done…okay? why did you bother yourself so much? Everyone has emergencies. Now go”. I thanked him and went away and attended the family occasion. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a boss like that.

Bidding farewell is always something very saddening. It marks the end of something and the start of something new. But this end also has many memories attached to it. Farewell means missing after all, but still there won’t be a time that you will be absent from your minds sir.

You will always be remembered. We all from the office team are wishing you all the happiness of your retired life. We all have arranged a small treat and a small gift for you.

Hope you like it.  It’s a token of love from our side. Hope we all stay in your memories too. I know we all and this office has a special place in your heart. I would like the later programs to commence from here.

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