Respect your Elders Short Essay for Children (400 words)

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Elders are generally the person older than you or an individual. He/ she are the one who holds seniority or any higher authority to any concern. Respecting elders is a basic attitude or manner that is being shown to the superior person. It shows sign of gratitude towards the concern authority and a matter of honoring someone.

Respect does not deal with misbehaving the elders or disrespecting an individual. It is all about respecting their experiences of life. Respect comes from within the soul and not from outside world.

For example, children gives respect to their parents when they able to understand the pure meaning of parenting. They will respect the other people in the society too when they will have some respect towards them.  But today, this work is done by teachers and not the parents…

In India, respect to elders is given by touching feet’s of the elders like of Grand Parents, Relatives, Teachers and Parents. In places like villages and other backward communities, the way of showing respect is to give full bow and lie on the floor and the desi word given to it is Shashtaangh Dandwat Pradnaam.

Another way to show respect is simply to say Namaste, Jai Jinendra, Radhe Radhe, etc. In corporate world, the way to respect any authority is simply wishing Good Morning, Good afternoon and Good evening. But today the world is being changing rapidly and the way of showing respect is changed to Shaking Hands rather than saying Namaste and all.

Who can be the elder person?

  1. Grand Parents, Parents and Relatives
  2. Teachers
  3. Higher authority
  4. Seniors

respect elders

Reasons why to respect elders

  • To show gratitude towards an individual.
  • To show love and affection towards them.
  • To show respect in terms of age, education, qualification and experience.
  • To gain knowledge and wisdom from the elders.
  • Simply to be human and show humanity.

In today’s corporate world, the gratitude is shown by not pronouncing the name of the individual or any authority but by giving respect and simply coding Sir/Madam to the authority. It shows a sign of manners and the behavior of the person towards anything.

In academics studies, in schools, colleges and universities elders are the seniors and seniors are the person who are studying in the same context but are more superior to us in terms of education qualifications.

This basic manner is generally taught to every child by its parents, teacher or any other relative and well-wisher but it is a major concern of any person in his/her whole life. Grand Parents says that to kids or any child, manners to respect the elders cannot be taught.

According to them, it is being learned from family attitude. This comes through the roots of the family. Elders generally share their experiences to the children and tell them the pros and cons of the decision taken by them at that time. This ideology is considered to be best in case of teaching manners to the child. If the child learns this, than he learns to respect elders…

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