Speech on The Reality of Reality Television Shows

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Good morning respected principal honorable teachers and all my dear friends. I am here to present a speech on the topic the reality of reality shows and to be honest their reality is quite hideous. I am glad that today I got an opportunity to speak on this topic and also, I beg of your cooperation. I hope that you will pardon me for any mistake that I made while presenting my speech

All of you have heard about reality shows right? ‘Dance India Dance’ ‘Indian Idol’ ‘India’s Got Talent’ are of the few shows that have gained fame worldwide.

But the truth about reality shows is quite gruesome. The maximum participants participating there either kids or people who have left their personal life just to win some contest. If the reality show features children then it is more bad because the children at this time, it is their duty to study instead they are leaving off their studies, traveling to a foreign city to perform on some show.

Not only this, the reality shows make the participants work hard and to a great extent so that they don’t face failures while performing on television because reality show features no cut and edit; whatever happens on the screen is seen by the audience. Some reality shows even show their shows live like ‘Splitsvilla’ ‘Bigg Boss’ ‘Roadies’ and all.

Nowadays, reality shows are slowly becoming the order of the day. They are increasingly getting popular by the help of different television channels. There are different kind of reality shows that are coming up day by day. Television has been a very popular means of mass communication from a long time.

It reaches out to the maximum audience in the minimum time that is why people prefer it to broadcast shows that wouldn’t have gained so much of popularity if it had been broadcasted on other means of communications like radio. Hence reality shows have taken up this clue of using television. Is there any other means of reaching out to the maximum people? What is a reality show exactly?

It is the program showing featuring some competition or contest where a huge amount of prize money is being awarded, but to get that you have to go through some levels of tasks. The levels get tougher with each increasing day. The participant has to increase his or her skills to win each level.

There is also a system called elimination here the participant whose performance is not up to the mark is told to leave the program. Day by day as the number of participants decreases the clear chances of the winner shows up.

In such reality shows the participants are under tremendous pressure and competition. Sometimes jealousy is at work. There have been many situations when participants have taken up the path of violence for the jealousy they had for their fellow contestant.

There have been many suicidal cases as well this all has resulted due to the failures. some people cannot accept that the talent that they have is not up to the mark. some people cannot accept that they cannot get success. People when they face failures in their life end up giving up their life. Reality show is hence a bad way of bringing to surface such people.

The TV channels do just anything to increase their TRPs. It is all money that matters. The channels can go to any extent to increase. Nowadays a variety of television shows has come up like singing contest, dance contest, even live stunt contest.

There has been dangerous contest the ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ with features people performing life-threatening dangerous task. Will you like it if you are made to do such stunts? We don’t like it so what we do? We just sit at a sofa having a popcorn and watching their shows and encouraging them more to broadcast such shows and increase their TRP.

There have been few cases as such where the participants have attempted suicide. Other participants have complaint to the court for the treatment they received when they were participating in the reality show. Nowadays certain reality shows have come up with some guidelines.

These guidelines have to be followed so that you do not hurt the sentiment of the audience, neither of the participants participating in this contest. Big celebrities are often made to sit on the hot seat and judge a participant. They are paid from the amount of money generated from TRPs and there are certain people who are not even eligible to sit as a judge.

I would like to conclude my speech by saying that reality shows are not really the reality. They are in fact our way of supplying entertainment. It is better not to encourage such shows because they are harmful to the participants as well as to the audience watching them.

They get addicted and then it is just a matter of money and business. There can be such shows which encourage the overall cultural and educational development rather than focusing on some Daredevil tricks.

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