Why Ragging is Illegal Essay | Effects | It is Good or Bad?

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Do you know ragging? Do you know the limits and what will be the output of ragging?

What does it means?

Ragging is not a good thing in school, universities, offices or anywhere. It is a kind of introduction by juniors to seniors in schools and colleges and by new recruited job holders to managers or seniors in offices. Introduction means that there will be a friendly handshake or simple talk between two persons or between groups of people.

But when the talk becomes more personal such that a person gets affected mentally or physically then it can be an issue of ragging which can cause physical or mental damage to a person.

We usually heard news regarding committing suicide or being murdered, they were mostly related to ragging as seniors give some dare to juniors which have to be fulfilled by doing tasks which risks life of a person.

What happens in ragging?

It is a fun activity which helps to make good relation between seniors and juniors. Generally for juniors going to a college or to an office is daunting as they are coming from homely atmosphere to a different atmosphere. So this is the responsibility of seniors to make things easier for them by interacting.

They have fun activities, fresher parties or teasing them such that bonding increases between all of them. However things go wrong very quickly by abusing them, blackmailing or torturing them.

As a result student feels insecure among their surroundings. Hence students feel more fear of being ragged then failing in exams.

Conditions in ragging

It  starts from seniors to juniors and when juniors become seniors then they act in same way with their juniors. Ragging rituals is most common in colleges where they have to complete senior’s notes, project work, practical or even have to face worse things like stripping, abuse or get beaten by seniors.

The idea of ragging truly changed from a friendly atmosphere to suicidal atmosphere.

Reason of continuous ragging

Because of fear among students which has been created by seniors they never tell to anyone about their feelings or emotions as a result teachers and parents think that everything is fine, when the torture exceeds the limit; students were forced to take steps like suicidal attempt or become a murderer.

Something that has to create a friendly environment becomes a deadly action, has to be stopped at its initial stage. Taking the concern seriously, many colleges joined their hands against ragging.

Every college participates in removing ragging because it also effects the reputation of particular college. Anything that can kill anyone should not be encouraged anywhere at any stage and at any level.

Steps to stop ragging

Every area should be under camera surveillance, Anti- ragging group or committee should be maintained in every college. In case of anti-ragging government has taken certain steps which takes in written from students and their families to not to motivate ragging in college or schools. As ragging already ruined countless lives and careers.

Whenever a student selects a college, he/she should about the control over ragging such that he/she can study and do extracurricular activities freely in college campus. Even a student can discuss about anti ragging in college.

A good reputed college will definitely gives you answer moreover one can find hoardings and notices of anti-ragging. Situation arises when it is difficult to control the ragging 100%, in that case one should stand in crowd to speak freely if someone is going through some kind of unusual activity.

As it is good to control the ragging but best thing is to motivate others to eradicate it completely from grounds. College authorities should know about the faulty student or group such that they can take strict actions.

Campus environment should be free from any wrong activity such that students can go to college or school freely and without any fear. There are many cases which are related to students those who cry all night or remain awake whole night in order to complete some other person’s work.

Every time they feel lonely or helpless. They have to face or go through same phase everyday but they can’t do anything about it. It can be stopped if each and every student takes part in stopping it so that not a single student gets bullied by their seniors.

Nothing is more harmful than ragging. No one knows that a single joke or even friendly nature can harm someone’s dignity or respect which will lead to worst results which are out of hands to control.

Seniors should understand that ragging is meant for introduction or breaking the ice, but it can become a serious issue either intentionally or unintentionally. So it is their duty to help juniors to make them comfortable even inside the college campus and outside too.

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