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A very warm welcome to everyone present here. The topic of my speech today is about our technician and why we must be proud of it. It’s just a gentle reminder of what we as Indians and what our country as a whole is capable of.

Ours is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has in its intellectual many achievements and inventions and we have literally taught the world to do what a test today.

Our country is unique in itself. No other country on a nation state has ever been found on the face of the earth that houses so many different religion culture traditions and races together and bind them in the thread of harmony and peaceful coexistence.

India houses the second largest population of human beings in the world which comprises of people from all major religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism Sikhism and various other smaller population of religion cultures and races.

What is most surprising is that even the most Cosmopolitan of nations cannot post of such diversity and Unity at the same time without at least a few clashes which is completely irrelevant and absent in the Indian subcontinent.

India has the 9th largest Buddhist population in the world; the third largest Muslim population in the world; and also, the largest Hindu, Sikh and Jain population in the world. There are many other religions in India that has not yet even been discovered. Anthropologists hold the opinion that more than 1000 unrecognized religions still exist in India.

Talking of subcontinent, I must draw your attention to why is India called a subcontinent? Well, the reasons are quite obvious. India has a land area of over three lakh square kilometers and boasts of a coastline which is above 7500 kilometers long. India is ranked seventh among the biggest countries in the world in terms of land area.

Now coming to altitudes, the highest point in India is about 8500 meters above the main sea level which is the Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas. Now let me draw your attention to planes. India has the 9th largest subtropical desert which is ranked 17th in the world in terms of geographical area covered. This is none other than the Thar Desert. From this dryland let me talk about rain now.

The highest rainfall in India occurs in mawsynram in Meghalaya which is about 120 CM. It is because of these diverse climatic conditions and diverse Geographic conditions that India is known as a subcontinent. India also owes its agricultural biodiversity to this geographical diversity.

Because of different sorts of climate in different parts in India different kinds of crops can be grown in different times of the Year and in different places. Some places in India can grow cold crops like strawberries and apples and at the same time there are places in India which can grow extremely rough grains like Ragi and Bajra.

C 166 countries in the world averaging 1. 1 troops per 1,000 capita. All these make India the fourth most powerful army and military strength in the world coming behind countries like United States and Russia and so on.

India is not far behind in terms of technological development too. India has a space competitiveness index of 6 in the world. It also ranks second in the world network readiness index among hundreds of other countries. The greatest of mines in the scientific world where from India from Aryabhata who is invention of zero taught the world to use numbers and perform calculations.

Jagadish Chandra Bose who is invention of wireless communication has changed how the world communicates. He invented the radio waves the credit for which was taken by Marconi who was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for the same.

The various old artifacts that had been duck out by architects showcase India’s metallurgical Acumen. The Ashoka Pillar which is made of iron alloy has been made in such a way that it has yet not rusted even after hundreds of years. Amartya Sen, one of the greatest economists the world has ever seen is from India.

The great poet and playwright Rabindranath Tagore is also from India. Hero not only a Nobel Laureate but also was well known for being a pen friend of Albert Einstein. Great minds like Mahatma Gandhi who is ideals of compassion and non-violence still prevails in the world was from India.

I am sure whatever I have told in this page we all are well acquainted already. But telling this is not just a mere remembrance, it is to make us feel proud of what we are, from where we have come and where we need to go. Just as all of you are I am truly proud to be an Indian.

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