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Propose day is one of the day that comes in the valentine’s week, that is, in the month of February. It’s the day when someone confesses their feelings to the ones they love. The day of love. The day of connection. It’s a day when two people start a new journey in life.

This day is mesmerizing for many. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone beside you. Propose day is one of the official days of valentine’s week. This is the day of happiness and sadness both.

As you never know what the person feels regarding you. Propose day is a day of confessing your love and expecting the girl or guy to be a part of the rest of your life.

When does propose day comes?

Propose day comes on 8th of February, every year. It’s the official date of propose day. A date that perfectly brings propose day at the right moment in the valentines week.

What happens on propose day?

Propose day is one of the day when there is a huge pressure on the one who wants to propose or confess to the girl or guy he or she loves. Confessing your love is not so easy.

Telling your feelings to someone and asking them to be a part of your life is kind of difficult.

Let’s take an example for this   

When you are a teen and you are facing some problems or if you have created a trouble, is it easy to confess the issue with your parents? No, right? Cause its difficult to share your feelings to the loved ones.

While proposing, the biggest fear is that the person you love will accept you for the rest of the life or reject you which can ruin your friendship.

Thoughts before proposing

Fear of rejection

Many people don’t propose or confess their feelings to the loved ones as they have a fear that they will get rejected.

So you are gonna hide your feelings for the rest of your life and see him or her walk away and die single? Noooooo! Go get her/him. Maybe he or she feels the same for you.

Boy Proposing a girl Maybe he or she loves you more than you love him or her, so stop hiding your feelings due to the fear of rejection and just do it.

I mean come on, the name of the day is propose day itself, If you won’t propose him or her than other days will make fun of it by calling the day a loser so at least do it for the day.

Have some respect for the day and go get your girl/ man.

What if he or she is expecting from you to propose. So stop having a fear of rejection. Think it with a different perspective, what if you love someone and they too love you so much but is waiting for you to propose, and you don’t, due to fear of rejection???

Then matey let me tell you one thing, someone else will propose and maybe he or she gets tired of waiting and says yes to the other person.

Now don’t say the quote that if she really loves me, she will wait, cause that just happens in the biblical times. So would you please grow up? And propose the girl or man you love instead of letting her or him go away.

He or she deserves better than me

And now don’t start with, “maybe he/she deserves better than me” noooo! Jeeezzz! Stop being a baby! He or she deserves to have you, but you being an idiot letting her/him go can turn into the biggest stupidity of your life that will make you feel regret for the rest of your life.

He or she does not deserve better than you, they deserve to have you. To be honest, this is one of the third class excuse when someone is fearing regarding the answer of proposal.


The biggest problem of these days in teenagers is that they consider their loved ones as a distraction. A distraction from studies, etc.. Etc.. Like seriously?

Are you kidding me? Your loved one is your biggest motivation and strength, he or she is your positive viber and you call them a distraction.

Considering them your strength instead of weakness will make a plus point for your future. Cause then you have a desire to work hard and be something so that you could happily ask the girl or guy’s parents for marriage.

Don’t think of him or her as a weakness, he or she can be the reason behind your success story. Study hard to win the love of your life – that is your strength, believe in them as your strength.

What will parents say?                                                                                                           

Make your love of life a motivation to a brighter future, if you are well settled and you both have economic stability than parents won’t have any objection. So simple.

Don’t get so scared, parents will understand if you yourself has choose the right person for you, and plus if you both are well settled and economically stable and treat each other as equal, they won’t have any obligations.

Now comes the basic aspect: that is how to propose

But don’t you worry matey cause you are at the right place, we have ample of ways from which you can propose the love of your life.

Most of the type of proposals that we have seen in movies are:

That the two of you went for a dinner date, and a ring in the glass of your loved one. And the rest you know…

Before proposing someone, everyone thinks of an ideal way that would be so mesmerizing, memorable, amazing, different and special.

So um let me give you some ideas which you could use to propose someone

  1. Propose Day essayIf you are too shy to express your feelings by saying it then simply grab a small cute box and put a cloth clip in it. In the clothe clip, stick a paper in between. And write “I love you” in it. Then put the clip in the box and wrap it, and simply gift it to the one you love.

Just like the one, given in the pic. He or she will slay on your style and will definitely say yes, if he or she also loves you.

  1. If you want to propose a guy or a girl who is a huge fan of sports like football, basketball, or cricket, you can simply buy a ball cut it into half way and put an I love you message in it or will you marry me message in it.
  2. You can write “will you marry me?” with a bunch of photographs of you and the person you love in his or her house
  3. You can even make a small tiny diary or a booklet in which you can write the little things you love about him or her and at the last page you can put a ring
  4. Or you can propose her in a room full of balloons and your lovable spent memories together
  5. Proposing with the help of cushions is not a bad ide
  6. But the best way to propose the love of your life is by confessing on your own. I mean, I know other ways are cool too but don’t you think that he or she will be a part in the rest of your life, so it should be special and done by completely yourself?
  7. Or if the love of your life is a huge PS (PlayStation) lover, then you can maybe gift a CD with a note inside the pack.

What to say?

Now the main difficulty arises is that what to say, while proposing. There is a lot of pressure on the one who is proposing, so whatever he or she says, it should be mesmerizing.

So let me write some short and long lines that could fit in, and from which you could take help with.

  1. Did you know that when a penguin finds its mate they stay together forever? Will you be my penguin?
  2. I don’t wanna blink, cause I’m afraid to miss even a second of your cuteness.
  3. Do you have an inhaler? Cause you took my breath away.
  4. Hi, so here it is, the way you look is fabulous, your dazzling smile is the most beautiful thing that I love to see. Your eyes are like the twinkling stars. But other than this, you are perfection baby! I love you for what you are, for who you are, for how real I am when I am with you. You are the most cutest thing ever happened to me, and Proposing I never want to let it go. So will you be my forever matey? My Mrs. / My Mr.?
  5. The day you came into my life, my life totally changed. The way you understand me, it’s phenomenal. The way you take care of the small things, is adorable. The way you figure out when I am all dull and upset and try your best to make me laugh, is charming. The way you look into my eyes, it’s mesmerizing. The way you fight with me, it feels like someone really cares about me. I love you a lot. You are damn adorable, cute, and sweet, actually there are no words, cause baby I am all speechless. And yah! The way you make me happy, it’s perfect. You are perfection, I love the way you are, and will you be mine? Forever?
  6. You are such a criminal, you stole my heart with your one glance. I know I am not perfect like you, but I promise you that I will take care of you, love you like no one has ever does. Will you be mine?
  7. I wanna be that girl in your life, to whom you could point out and say to your friends, “that’s my girl!”
  8. Ok, so here we go, I just wanna be honest with you and tell you what I feel about you, you take care of me like a mother, you scold me like a father, you fight with me like siblings. You are the cutest. And I am really lucky to have you in my life. You are my soulmate, my best bud, my love of life, my gaming partner, my prank master, I love you for who you are, and for the little cute things that you do for me, it makes me go crazy. I love you with all my heart and want you to be mine. So hey Mr. will you be mine? / So hey Ms. Will you be my Mrs.?

Or maybe something like these. But don’t let go your love of life. Now is the right time. Make a move. As you have heard, “if you change nothing, nothing will change” so go make a change, tell the love of your life about your true feelings, about what you actually feel about him / her. Don’t just sit and wait.

Go make the first move, cause in love it doesn’t matters who goes first. So just stop being a baby and make an effort for the love of your life.

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