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A very good evening to my friends and fellow students, esteemed dignitaries and teachers present here. Today we are going to celebrate the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony for this year. It is indeed a very important year because this premier Institute completes its 150th anniversary this year too.

Iā€™m very sure most of you are extremely familiar with the emotions that we are going to go with today’s Prize Distribution Ceremony but before that I have been told by the organizers and our honourable Vice Chancellor Sir to deliver a short message to you on this auspicious occasion.

When I was given this task I probably thought a hundred times in my own head what is there to say about prize distribution? I was confused. The most obvious thing to do on any of price distribution is just to deliver the prizes to the recipients.

But as you all know our Institute prides itself in not following the convention. And that is the reason today we are going to follow a very unconventional Prize Distribution Ceremony beginning with quite interesting speech which I am going to speak in front of you all. It will be a great honour for me if I could get your kind attention.

On a day of Prize Distribution let me explain to you what I feel about prizes and why should they be given. Most of you will probably think that there is no answer to this question that why prizes are given. A person wins and gets a price. So conventional and so predictive right? Wrong.

Giving away prizes to people is of extreme and special importance. It helps in our goal to achieve excellence. It is a motivation for ourselves and each one of us. A prize or an award helps set a precedent and benchmark. Excellence can never be achieved without competition and where there is competition there is winning and losing.

To motivate everyone in the game we give away prizes to the ones who are a little bit ahead of others. It is only when we see our fellow mates reaching success that we get hungry for success. When we see that something, that we feel is unachievable, has been achieved by someone else, everything seems easy.

Just like a great personality once said the only constraints to human achievement are the walls built by our own selves. We fear to go the path not taken. The reason behind this is white scientific and evolutionary nature. No don’t worry.

You are not technically occurred if you do not wish to take a risk or an unconventional path in our case. It is in the human DNA for survival that make us weak to take the path which is less risky in nature. However, if we take the common path just like others we remain a commoner.

We can never be a unique individual in ourselves who will make a mark in human history and Society. Nobody will remember us if we do the same thing that the person decides is also doing.

On a funny note, the person beside me right now, is the next speaker of this evening and a fellow classmate of mine who is engaged or rather engrossed in his habit of biting his nails out of tension! This is also why you should never do what a person beside you does!

Today various prizes will be given. Some will be for excellence in Academics, some for excellence in sports, some for attendance, some for tremendous achievement in the field of research, science and so on and so forth. We all know that there is only one winner and today many hopes will be broken, and many dreams will come true.

A few of you would be called on stage to receive trophies and most of you probably will not. But don’t break your heart’s my dear friends. The trophy that you see today that your friend receives is a motivation for you to achieve it on the next Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Participation is after on what is most important and not winning. Meaning might be out of luck to. But when you lose you are one step towards success surely. When you win after terms of failures, you can at least be sure that there was no luck that can lay clean to your victory.

Now let me talk to the people who will be getting prizes today. All you winners out here, listen to me carefully. It is very important to know what to do when you do not win. Most of you know that we must not lose heart and strive to achieve excellence the next time. But more important than that is to know how to handle a success or a victory.

This one price today means nothing. Sorry if I’m being rude or blunt but remember this small price is only a recognition of what you have done and there is lots more to do. Life doesn’t stop here. This trophy does not provide you the luxury of taking a break from your constant struggle for success.

Thank You!!

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