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The term ‘vigilance’ according to the dictionary means watchfulness or keeping an eye open for anything fishy which might happen. The concept of ‘Vigilance’ does not promote waiting for the lapses to occur. But it works on the fact that how can those lapses be avoided so as to avoid any losses.

It is always said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The same way, preventive vigilance is more important that punitive vigilance. This only entails the punishment for a lapse that has occurred. But it does not elaborate on the method to avoid that lapse.

Preventive vigilance plays a very important part in ensuring good governance practices.  The country’s economy and welfare requires efficient government practices to be set up.

Preventive vigilance is a tool and a weapon of good governance. In Central Vigilance Committee (CVC) launched the initiative of ‘Preventive Vigilance’. It is a tool to fight corruption. It aimed to create awareness among public servants and citizens.

This move of the committee was well received. It was highly applauded by all except the corrupt officials. It is a package of measures to improve systems and procedures.  This would reduce the scope for discretion and end corruption.

Measures of Preventive Vigilance are

  1. Follow rules and regulations without violation.
  2. Follow systems and procedures rigidly.
  3. Remember oneself as a public servant
  4. Discharge one’s duties with complete sincerity, honesty and faithfulness.

What is the Preventive Vigilance concept all about?

Corruption is the abuse of the entrusted power to politicians or the bureaucracy. It is undertaken for selfish motives of profit making. Corruption acts as a barrier for the growth of the nation. It reduces the income of the nation by pocketing bribes and goodies in the process midway.

Corruption is also accredited to increasing income inequalities among the people. This means that the rich become more rich and the poor falling toward poverty. It distorts decision making and reduces the efficiency of public service delivery.

But people have misconceived notions about this initiative of CVC. This initiative sounds vague to them and they want clarity in the subject matter. It is not an inquiry or fixation of responsibilities among the government officials. It reduces temptations for the officials.

Eventually, it decreases the number of corrupt officials in the system. This system does not punish but it only prevents. This initiative has several advantages. Under this system, the efficiency of public servant increases. The system does not involve much cost.

There is no need of setting up infrastructure or human resources. This system is fighting the whole system. The system is not against an individual. It is against the many individuals who commit adultery in the name of the government.

CVC thus, emphasizes the prevention of instances of corruption. It believes in educating the country’s public. It aims to generate awareness among the people. It feels that this is a more effective and sustainable means of fighting corruption.

Organizations were encouraged to develop a sound preventive vigilance framework. This would help them to assess the risk of corruption and identification of corrupt officials. This moment would find loopholes in their policies. So that someone else might not gain profit and strengthen internal control.

Aspects of Preventive Vigilance Concept

There are many aspects of Preventive Vigilance. These tools are as follows:

  1. Standardization – This process removes unbiased conditions. It does not leave any scope of prejudice among the workers. The conditions and procedures are crystal clear and they are the same for everyone.
  2. Automation – The machines have taken over the routine processes of an organization. In this era of machines, computers have come in very handy. The computerized system reduces the interference of officials and ensures transparency.
  3. Transparency – All official functions and legalities are there on the table for public to see. There is no matter or issue which the public does not know about. This also means that there are no dealings done under the table or in sealed envelopes.
  4. Accountability – The system holds the officials under this system accountable. They are responsible for their action or inaction. For every improper activity, penalty is decisive.
  5. Control and Supervision – The success of this program depends upon effective control and supervision. Without effective control on subordinates, corruption free system is not possible.
  6. Conducive work environment – Employees should be provided a healthy work environment. This environment should be free of any unhealthy competition and illegal dealings.

Vigilance Awareness Week

The last week of October observes the Vigilance Awareness Week every year. It is celebrated to raise awareness among people about this initiative of government. This movement aimed at curbing the rampant corruption prevalent in the government offices.

The government wanted the common man to believe in the government’s work. They wanted to reinstate the faith of the common man in the government’s work. The government conducts raids and audits during this week. It is conducted in government offices to check on the corruption.

According to an insider, officials impersonate as common men. They then act vigilante for the offices and their services. They then prepare their report on the surprise checks conducted. This report is then submitted to the concerned authority.


Corruption starts in a small way. It starts in your hearts. Eventually, it creeps up in your way of living when you see a corrupt world around yourself. You learn the corrupt ways bit by bit without realizing that they are corroding your actions. Central Vigilance Commission is working on finding a new way out.

They do not aim to penalize and file bash officers. They are planning to create and develop a model to create preventive approaches. This would make sure that officers in various government departments do not indulge in acts of corruption.

This is a ‘Smart government’ approach. Every government official is analyzed on the basis of their past and present performances. Keeping both in mind, the predictions for future responsibilities are set. This lays down the arena for the performance of the official by the analysis of his track record.

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