Short Essay on the Postman for Children and Students

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The postman needs no introduction to any of us. We meet him every day, moving from door-to-door in the locality. He is an important public servant. He wears a khaki uniform and carries a leather bag on his shoulders.

Postman pedals up and down the streets on his bicycle. He is always welcome because he brings letters, money orders, parcels and postcards. He keeps all these items in his bag, which he carries with him.

We wait for the postman eagerly every day. Sometimes, he brings letters contaning bad news. In that case, it is not wise to blame him.

A postman has to work very hard to perform his duty sincerely. No matter what the weather is, he does his duty every day. Sometimes, it may be biting cold, extremely hot, or when he delivers letters without fail. Every morning, he goes to the post office at his duty time and sorts out letters.

Then he takes these letters to their destination. He enjoys few or no holidays. His pay is little, but he is satisfied with what he gets and leads a contented life.

He  also delivers letters in villages where there are muddy roads. Sometime he reads out letters to those who are illiterate and writes replies for them.

He works hard the whole day. We must respect him because he is very useful to us. He is just like our friend and deserves our co-operation

Other aspects of Postman Life

Today, the world is of Internet, now nobody requires postman to deliver their letters and other things. Earlier days, people used pigeon for communication, but what about today?

essay on the postman

Everything has changed and there is no required of Postman. We hardly see postman on the street especially those who carry letters.  Nowadays there are delivery boy, who delivers courier and other things.

It is quite simple to say the era of postman has vanished.

Nowadays there are number of delivery boy who works in the same manner. Delivery boy  delivers goods, fax to the customer.

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