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For those of us who stay in large cities, a smart policeman in a uniform and cap is a familiar and comforting employee. No society can do without him.
The policeman works hard to maintain law and order. No one dare challenge his authority. His work is full of risks.

 As a guardian of law and order, He keeps a watchful eye on thieves, robbers and other anti-social-elements. In times of disorder and disturbances, his presence and services become very essential. On such occasions he has to act firmly, but tactfully and impartially.

A policeman is essentially a friend of the people. He occupies an important and responsible place in society. He is kind, Polite and helpful. He is ever watchful and sees to it that people go about their work in perfect safety, security and peace.

It is our foremost duty to cooperate with the policeman so that he can carry out his duties efficiently for the maximum benefits of society.

It is in our own interest that we should obey his instructions and carry out his orders. The well-being of society certainly depends on the services of the public spirited policeman.

Short Paragraph

The policeman is a government servant. We can see him at important public places and railway stations. He wears a khaki uniform and is equipped with baton, a pistol and a cell phone. However, he doesn’t have a pistol or a cell in village.

His duty is to maintain law and order and protect civilians from criminals in his area. He arrests those who try to break law, and locks them up at the police station. The policeman patrols streets at night to guard our property.

A policeman is always watchful and alert, and performs his duty actively and regular but, some policemen accept bribes. This is not good for the country. If protectors become corrupt, it is the most likely that our society would not remain safe.

Essay on Policeman

Quite often, some politician act very brutally. Because of this, ordinary people become terrified. This is not good for the well-being of any of us.
To control the road traffic, there is a separate wing of the police. We can always see a traffic policeman standing at a road crossing to regulate traffic.

He gives signals with his hands. If somebody does not obey the traffic rules, he blows his whistle and stops him. Then he asks him the reason for not following the traffic rules, and charges fine.

The duty of a policeman is very tough. He is our social protector, so it is our duty to have faith in him. We should give our full support to police in maintaining law and order in the country.

The government should also do something so that a policeman leads a better life. The government should recruit educated persons in the police department. They should be taught not to accept bribe and be polite and well mannered.

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