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Very good morning to everyone present here. On this auspicious day today, I am going to speak on the topic of plastic surgery and whether there should be a minimum age for it. It is a matter of great honor for me to have been chosen to deliver the speech in front of my esteemed teachers and my loving friends and classmates.

I humbly request your attention and beg your pardon for any mistakes that will be made if at all. Please feel free to correct me wherever I am wrong. I am open to suggestions. 

Everyone wants to look good in front of others and few of us go to some extreme extends to execute this aspiration. History is replete with examples of physical modifications performed with the name for improving their body image in front of others.

The modern era has seen plastic surgery has one such a tool which allows us to look like the way we want us to be. Before I proceed in this discussion, let me make it clear that there are broadly two types of surgeries that are called plastic surgeries.

The first one is a medical plastic surgery done for absolutely medical purposes and not at all for external appearance. The surgeries are extremely important for an individual and even insurance his quality of life in terms of his physical abilities.

The Other Pharma plastic surgery is cosmetic plastic surgery which is done solely for the purpose of beautification and physical enhancement and is not the requirement of any sort of underlying medical condition.

Cosmetic plastic surgeries are becoming more and more common these days with the world moving towards a materialistic future.

It is a very common practice in most developed countries particularly the United States of America for men and women to seek the services of a medical professional to perform cosmetic changes in their body through this surgery so that they may look more appealing to their peers and friends and search other people that they mix with. In the year 2010 itself there were 13 billion cases of cosmetic plastic surgeries is done in America.

However, what is not right in this fact is that slowly the devil of plastic surgery is in golfing the minds of the younger people also which includes people in their late teens to their early adulthood. Children as young as 16 also have a tendency to opt for plastic surgeries to make up for so called defects in their appearances.

And this leads to various other complications in their future which they are not aware of today. Plastic surgery done at young age might cause some tremendous life changing implications that they will regret once they’re in their late 40’s.

But when they are young they want to fix and make up their body image disorder which pollutes their judgement and prevents them from making the right decision.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour for the regulating bodies and authorities to put down a check on the minimum age before which plastic surgeries should not be allowed. Just like driving licenses and liquor consumption rights are limited by age, plastic surgeries to should not be allowed at least before the age of 25. 

What is the most disturbing thing about plastic surgery whether it is done at young age or older age is that the person doing it to themselves will never be happy even after the job is done. Any materialistic want can never be fulfilled in reality. As Human beings our minds have been program to never be satisfied with what we have.

Once we aspire for something, and then we have it, and then we keep on wanting more or better. There is no end to this want. Even after spending a fortune on Sat surgeries most people are unhappy in their social lives.

The people who perform the surgery is at a young age of intend to look ugly or odd once they grew older because of the artificial skin and dead Nerve cells which do not age and stick out like a sore thumb.

They tend to look scary and unappealing which ultimately defeats the purpose of why they had the surgery in the first place. 

I would like to conclude by saying that, human aspiration is an extremely glutton emotional state. The more we feed it the more it eats. It is never satisfied and is always hungry.

Even if someone is made to look the best in the world he or she will still be unhappy with the way things are going on with themselves.

The true key to happiness is not looks or appearance or wealth or anything materialistic. True happiness comes from within and is a state of mind. Cosmetic Plastic surgeries should absolutely be banned if not regulated and limited by age.  

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