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There is a quote by Jim Rohn. It says- “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. This quote means that we need to care of our body. If we do not have our body safe and proper, we do not have anything else. This is because only then we will able to work hard and achieve something in our life.

But there is another quote which says that we should be happy with what we have. But we humans are never satisfied with whatever we have. We wish and strive for more. We try our level to always get more. 

We all love our body. If anything is wrong, we try to improve it or make it better. Like for example if anyone gets a pimple on their face, they get worried because it is spoiling the face. They are not supposed to touch it as it will leave a mark on their face. But still people will touch and prick it.

And then the person has marks on their face. After this they start to crib about the marks on the face. They give their entire efforts to make remedies for removing the mark.

These days people are so cautious about their body. If there is any change or there is a mark because of something, they immediately go for treatment. Plastic surgery has become very common. People prefer plastic surgery for treatments or if they feel something in their body is not normal. 

What do you mean by plastic surgery? 

Plastic surgery is a type of surgery where the birth defects or any sort of deformity in the body is repaired and molded. This surgery is basically about to repair the problems in the form of our body.

One needs years of training to become surgeon. Further if a person wants to become a surgeon in a specific area, it takes more years, training, effort and dedication.  

How is plastic surgery done? 

The process of performing plastic surgery includes various techniques. In this process the body tissues are moved, altered and repaired.

If anyone wishes to get a plastic surgery, it is always safe and better to consult the doctor. There are different techniques of plastic surgery are skin graft, flap surgery and tissue expansion.

At the present-day skin graft has become an old technique. Flap surgery and tissue expansion are used more in plastic surgery. 

In skin graft, the damaged skin is replaced by a healthy skin. This technique is mostly used when there is bone fracture due to which a skin breaks or when there are wounds in the skin because of many reasons. This technique can be done in two ways. First way, the skin is removed till the dermis.

The area from where the skin is removed, the place is stitched. Usually, in this technique the skin is taken from the upper arm where it will not be visible, neck and behind the ear. In the other way of skin graft, a very small area is removed from the topmost layer and the one below it.

In this way, the area is not stitched like the former one. Instead it is left opened to let it heal. In this case, the skin is taken from upper arm, thigh and buttock. 

Flap surgery is used for fractures, repairing lip and palates, big wounds and breast reconstruction. In this technique, the skin or tissue is transferred from one area and put in another by stitching. In this transfer even, the blood vessels of that area is also transferred.  

In tissue expansion, an expander is placed below the skin in the area which has to be repaired. The expander will be filled with salt water with time. This will lead to growing of extra skin and the tissues around it will start to stretch. After there is sufficient expansion, the person has to undergo another operation for removing expander and adjusting the tissue that is newly formed.  

Differences between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery 

Cosmetic surgery is different from plastic surgery. Infact, it comes under plastic surgery. In cosmetic surgery, the surgery is done to change or improve a person’s appearance.

Cosmetic surgery can be done for growth, lifts and reduction of breasts. While in plastic surgery, the surgery is for repairing a defect, mark or wound. Both this surgery involves different techniques and processes.  

Advantages of plastic surgery

It is done to repair whatever defect, mark or wound that is present in the body. When these are repaired people start to feel good and confident about their body.

Sometimes, plastic surgery also improves our physical and mental health. After their body is repaired, they feel confident and look good which further helps them to get job opportunities.

They start to socialize more compared to before. When a person does plastic surgery in order to reduce the extra weight that they have, they become more conscious of their weight. They no longer eat unhealthy food. They start to maintain a proper diet.  

Disadvantages of plastic surgery 

Along with the advantages come disadvantages too. Plastic surgery has disadvantages which people should know before getting a surgery. There are many medical risks of plastic surgery. If the surgery is not performed properly, there are chances of death, nerve damage, infection, area can become bruised, severe bleeding and blood clots.

Surgery is very costly. No matter how small the surgery is, it will cost a lot to any person. Doing plastic surgery always is not good. It will harm the skin, blood vessel and all the tissues where the area is being treated. Some people get addicted to plastic surgery too.

They are not satisfied with their body and they continue getting surgery. They are not worried about the expenditure of the surgery. They will whatever they can do to get money for the surgery. But they will not stop themselves from plastic surgery.  

Why do people do plastic surgery? 

People get plastic surgery for various reasons. Some people get plastic surgery so that their body becomes much better than before. Their appearance improves and so that they become more attractive. As some people are not satisfied with how their body looks they prefer plastic surgery.

When their body appearance is not good, they are subjected to body shaming. In order to get rid of them they want to get plastic surgery. But most importantly people who have defects, scars, fractures and wounds get treated by plastic surgery.

After plastic surgery all those defects, scars, fractures and wounds gets removed. Then, they become more confident about their body. But despite these reasons, one should clearly try to understand what risks one might have to undergo because of plastic surgery.

Before any surgery, they should have well researched about the treatment and the place so that later on there are no problems because of the surgery. One cannot be casual about their health and body after a plastic surgery. They need to take proper care after the treatment to avoid any further problems in their body. 

Today, we can see in most of the television shows and movies that plastic surgery has become very common and popular. Especially in television shows, when an actor is leaving the show, he or she is replaced by another actor. This showed by the scenes in which the actor meets with an accident and is admitted in the hospital.

When the family goes to visit the patient, they see that the face is covered fully with bandages. They are told by the doctor that the face is completely spoilt. They show this scene as if the patient had to go undergo plastic surgery. When the bandages are removed, we see that there is another face.

The new actor has replaced the previous one. But the people around him act like it is the same person. This is one way we see plastic surgery through the eyes of entertainment. We also see that some people in the movies and television shows get plastic surgery for their own wishes or due to some sort of problems.

They do surgery so that the other person cannot recognize them and they can continue with their work. Sometimes according to the movie, the actors are so fed up of their life that they get plastic surgery done and they start to live a new life. After that they forget their life which was before the surgery. 

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