A Picnic with my School Friends Essay (925 Words)

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Each one of us, enjoy going for an outing with our family and friends. It might be a movie, an amusements park or a zoo. Picnic doesn’t only bring us close but we all get to know each other in a better way.

My first picnic

I was 12 when I went for my first picnic with my friends, organized by our school. I still remember it was an early Sunday morning and my father dropped me to the school for the trip. We were supposed to be taken to a zoo and a dairy factory, where we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Just a day before my picnic I bought so many eatables and food items to enjoy during my picnic. We reached the school and I bid a bye to my dad and then he left.

We entered the bus, as it was my first journey by bus so, I was a little nervous but since my friends were with me so I regained my confidence and the journey began.

The destination was quite far from our school. So to make the journey entertaining we played games in the bus, we sang songs, laughing, chatting, singing and had some snacks.  I saw so many beautiful scenes during the journey, outside of the pacing bus.

When we reached the destination

It was a bright morning and the birds were chirping in joy.  When we entered inside the zoo, there was a small beautiful lake at the entrance. The water was quite cool.

When I went close, I saw so many different breeds of fishes, and turtles. Next to the lake we saw the peacock cage where the bird had spread its mesmerizing feathers and was dancing in joy. The whole scene was like a beautiful dream.

We took photographs and then we moved ahead to explore more about that place.

Exploring the place

Picnic essayThe land ahead was covered with complete greenery, gigantic trees and beautiful plants. There were various cages where the animals were residing.

At first I saw my favourite animal ‘tiger’ and it looked so fierce and dangerous that I just got afraid and ran away from its cage. We heard the lion roaring shut in the cage.

Then I saw the cage of deer, they all were playing with each other and it was a pleasant scene. Then we enjoyed boating . We saw many different faunas like crocodile, snakes frogs and did some fishing.

We then further explored the different creatures of the zoo.  I took so many photographs with my teachers and friends. We were in high spirits; we just ran around and climbed the trees, shouting in joy.

After exploring the zoo we all were just starving from hunger so we all gathered at a place and had our tasty lunch that we all carried from our home.

I remember after finishing my own lunch, I ate one of my friend’s lunches too and then we started playing games.

My friend carried badminton rackets with him and both of us played a match and I remember losing the match to him and we played hide and seek too. After a short game we all were taken to a toy train in the zoo.

We all sat on the   train and we explored all the parts of the zoo that we were not able to see earlier. We really enjoyed ourselves and gathered so many sweet memories.

Then, we packed our stuffs and we were ready to go to the other part of our picnic that was the dairy.  I was not very much excited to visit the dairy, as I thought it would be a boring place and there would be nothing to do like any fun sort of thing.

When we reached our next Destination

When we reached the dairy we all stood up at the entrance in a queue. Then we moved in together silently.

When we entered we saw a big ice cream and milk parlour and a factory where the products were manufactured. As we were the visitors so we got an ice cream and a milkshake for free and we really enjoyed it.  Then we moved inside where the processing of products was being done.

The purpose of this visit was to help the students to gain some external knowledge that may help them in future. As we moved inside, the manager greeted us and took us for a short factory tour.

We got ideas of how the processing was done of the raw products, how the packaging was done and what all were the requirements to successfully deliver the product to the market.  Then we visited the garden area of the factory where the cattle and its feed were kept.

It was an eye’s dropping moment as everything was so well organized right from the entrance to the factory and obviously the cattle’s as well.

The manager explained to us that how he managed the entire factory and this trip proved to be really beneficial for us , as we gained so much of knowledge , learned how to be in discipline , to keep unity among ourselves  and most of all the  importance of hard work in our life to achieve success.

Then finally the time came when we had to leave and we all collected our stuffs, bid a goodbye to the manager and left for our bus.

This one day of the  picnic with my friends  really gave me a pleasant experience  , it taught me how to use our resources efficiently , how to be self dependent and definitely the fun part had its own  perks. I made some new friends, got closer to the old ones and enjoyed myself fully. The whole trip was just amazing.

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