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My favorite pet is a Labrador named Anna. She is a beautiful full breed Labrador. She is my best friend. She was presented to me as a birthday gift by my parents when I was in graduation. She was just 6 months old and was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen with her light green emerald eyes, thick golden brown fur and two small drooping ears.

It was the time, when I finished my schooling and entered a whole new era of my life. Soon enough, I realized the importance of her loyalty and companionship. She was not only a vigilant watchdog but a swift hunter. I remember taking her out for long runs at the helipad close to my place.

We used to play fetch the ball every evening. It was not only to make her fit but simply because I loved spending time with her. She was indeed a true friend. Every day after college, she would come running towards me and lick my feet as a warm greeting, then just sit next to me as I would have my meals.

There were times, when my parents went for long vacations that were the time when I and Anna spent most hours together, her eyes were a wonderland. She responded in ways, no one could. She was a dog, but listened and responded better than a human.

She stimulated my existence with her strong personality and emotions. I used to feed her twice a day and special treats for rolling over, shaking hands and being obedient. Dogs are omnivorous, they can eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian but their body type is such that meat, eggs are essential for their overall health. Dogs are intelligent animals.

They are good swimmers, have an excellent vision and hearing sense. Anna received her immunization and treatment as a pup. She had a special bathing soap, shampoo and a brush. I made sure to bathe her every Saturday. She used to play happily around in water and spoil my clothes by brushing off water off her onto me. She was a very important member of the family and attracted love from everyone. She was that lovable and pure.

my pet dog essayEarly morning, we would go for long walks. I never had to put a leash on her, because she was smart enough to know where all to tread. She even knew the way back home. Moreover, I would never put on a leash on my best friend. When she was mature enough, she was crossed with a full black Labrador.

She gave birth to eight beautiful black and golden retrievers. It was the most beautiful moment of our lives, as my best friend was now a mother. We took good care of all the puppies and captured all the beautiful mother child moments.

The life span of a dog is very small; they can live up to 10 to 15 years. I personally feel that dogs are a gift of god. They should be cherished, loved and valued more than required, as they are beings who cannot express their emotions or pain through words.

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