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Good morning to one and all present here and greetings for the day. Today I am going to put forward my ideas on a perfect holiday and I hope your co-operation throughout the time. 

Holidays bring joy to our rather monotonous lives. It provides a break and adds a new excitement, a new start to our lives. The word holiday contains a new meaning, a sense of joy and excitement attached to it.

Hence whenever we get some time off from our busy schedule to enjoy a holiday we should enjoy it to our fullest so that we do not have any regrets that although we had time we couldn’t make full benefit of it. 

My thoughts for perfect holiday is where I have dreamt to go for a long time. One thing about perfect holiday is that it should be well planned or else there will lot of commotion and confusion which can ruin the perfectness of the holiday.

The amount of fun that you have on the trip can make any holiday a perfect holiday.

BeachIt all depends on how much you are able to enjoy yourself. If you sit with a grumpy face all day during the holiday, doing nothing then obviously it won’t turn out to be a perfect holiday for you.

But if you manage to make things go your own way then truly each and every moment will become memorable and it will soon become a ‘perfect holiday’. 

Recently we were on a trip to Mumbai with my family. Though Mumbai wasn’t my dream destination but I never knew that this trip will turn out to be my one of the perfect holidays that I could ever spend.

We reached Mumbai and booked a hotel.

Then the following day we went out to see the different places of interest in Mumbai. We started by visiting the Gateway of India. It was a wonderful place by the sea side. There were clusters of pigeons here and there. The view of the sea from the gate was awesome. 

We also saw the Taj hotel and the new annexe in the premises. Elephanta caves are located on an island far off from the mainland. It takes one and half hour journey to reach the Elephanta caves which was our next stop through ferry. When we reached there we were yet in for another thing of beauty. A huge mountain surrounded by seas all around. 

On the way uphill, the shops lined the paths. There were numerous shops. Shops selling trinkets, knick-knacks, food, beverages and what not. One thing that was a problem in the way up was the infestation of monkeys. The monkeys snatched any food item or beverage that they spotted in the hands of the tourists.

Be it the can of a cold drink or a bar of cake nothing can you evade from their watchful eyes. Be sure it will get snatched. High up towards the top we saw the Elephanta caves.

It was a wonder how the people at that time with so less technology managed to cut out such enormous structures out of a single rock piece. The construction was done from top to bottom.  

After a trip to the Elephanta we proceeded our trip to viewing the local areas, in and around our hotel. We came across Fashion Street. It was a wonderful place for the shoppers. You get all items of daily use at a bargain able price. We then proceeded our pace to the CSMT also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

It is a railway station and a UNESCO world heritage site. It also serves as the headquarters of central railways of India. The station has been designed by Frederick William Stevens according to the concept of Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture and meant to be a similar revival of Indian Goth (classical era) architecture.  

Food was what I really enjoyed in Mumbai. From pav bhaji to kababs, from Vada pao to Bhel Puri to Ice Golas…my tongue devoured every delicacy that it could rely on. Truly the foods were versatile and the taste was like something I never tasted before. 

On the following day we visited yet more places in our ‘Mumbai darshan’ trip. We visited a famous temple known as ‘Siddhi Vinayak’ temple. We visited Juhu beach. It was a wonderful place. The view of the sunset from that place is beyond comparison. We visited south Bombay.

That area was the residence of some famous superstars of Indian cinema or rather Bollywood. We saw ‘Mannat’, the residence of Shahrukh Khan. We also saw residence of Salman Khan, Ekta Kapoor, Rekha etc.

We then visited the sun set point at the sea link. Also known as Bandra-Worli sea link. It is a huge bridge connecting the two islands of Mumbai 

I was very sad when the day of our departure arrived. Indeed, it was a perfect holiday for me. 

Thank you!

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