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Education is a paramount of necessity these days. Without education, you stand nowhere in the society. A good education makes you aware and responsible for the happening around you. It teaches to differentiate between white and black and educates them about what is right and what is wrong.

Education is not about reading or writing only. The ability to read and write is called literacy. Sure literacy is a part of education. But education is a very vast term. It includes the mannerism of a person, his ethics, values and morals and the way he presents himself in society.

A well groomed person is always looked up with respect and honour. But an ill-mannered person is given no respect. The different in mannerisms plays a key role in this.

Children learn from their environment a lot. Their parents, teachers, friends, relatives, acquaintances and society as well play a key role in the personality development of children. Children are keen observers and they observe every minute detail to the core.

They learn a lot about habits, tastes and preferences of other people just by examining them. With the course of time, they learn these mannerisms and unconsciously these habits get attached in the minds of naive souls. It all depends on the environment they live in; whether they pickup good memories and habits or not.

It is often said that mothers are the first teachers of a child. Children pick up a lot of traits from their parents but can end up differently if they are brought up differently.

Essentially, it is quite obvious that parents play a very important role in a child’s education. They try to not only make him literate but also give them life values to hold on to and carry forward. They are ready to part with all of their valued possessions to just educate their child.

It comes as a matter of fact, though, that parents now a days are aware of the fact that their child will stand nowhere in the society if he/she is not properly educated. They act as a guiding force for their children. They leave decisions to their children so as to inculcate righteous decision making. But also their influence on the thinking of their children has a great role in their decisions. They advise their kids in different situations to take the right decisions.

What happens is that one parents are elder to us; both in age and experience. They have already gone through the age we are still passing through. They stop us from committing the mistakes they once committed in their lives. Our parents learn from their experience and pass down these teachings to their kids so that they learn from them. However old we might grow up but we always will remain children to our parents. They will never stop advising us on all issues.

They shower us with all the love and care buried in their hearts. Most of all, good parents provide a nurturing environment to their kids so that they can grow without restrictions and boundaries. They always know what is best for their child and they motivate them to pursue their goals with all of their might.

Parent’s role in education

I know that there are some parents who bind their children to take up a career in the field of their liking even when the children are resilient. Children bow down under parental pressure as they think that parents know the best for them. But I would like to add that I defer. Children should be allowed to follow their dreams without any inhibitions. Parents should be the freeing and binding force in their child’s life.

Parents invest their best for their children. From school fees, tuition fees to all the expenses, they never back down from their responsibilities. They try the bets top provide their children with all amenities, erstwhile, saving for the future expenses.

These days tuition fees have soared into the sky. Even when it’s out of their purchasing power, they do not hesitate to take loan for their children. With the prices spiked and increasing demands of their children, they try their bests to fulfill the needs of their kids. But along with providing their children good education, they try to make sure the holistic development of their children. Their dream of seeing their children shine in every field motivates them to do whatever they can for the betterment of their child.

Parents always remain the role models of their kids. Children took up parents for everything. Kids grow, they evolve, they learn but parents still remain their role model. Their journey inspires the children to take risks along their life and achieve the success they yearn for.

Spending time with children- exploring nature, reading together, working together goes a long way in defining an intimate relationship between the kids and the parents. They eventually develop a bond and learn to share their experiences. Whenever a child returns home after a day full of study, all he needs parents.

He just feels like ranting off about what happened during the day. Their parent’s words comfort them and instill positivity. Parents should give time to their children. They should pay attention to a child’s likes and dislikes.

Effective communications is the key to develop trust between the parents. Instead of bonding them and hiding them from the world, they should hold their hands and leave it to them to figure out the outer world. No mistakes, no learning, parents should not be afraid from letting their children committing mistakes. After all they always learn something at the end.

Education is the key that opens the door to life that is essentially social in character. Parents should always be with their children at their important times. For e.g. they should never miss a meeting with their teachers. They should attend annual day, sports day or some other event. They should surely turn up to boost the moral of their children.

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