Speech on Should Parents monitor how their children use the Internet?

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The Internet as we know is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It finds its route as a tool for scientists and the military personnel to share sensitive and Research based experimental findings for the larger good of the nation and humanity as a whole.

In this age of globalization and modernization, Internet has a very unique place in the lives of the people. It has brought the world closer together diminishing all differences of his religion, caste, creed, distance and availability. Our business has gone online.

Today’s schools and colleges have online educational portals when they provide study material and some of them even provide full time degrees online. This has enabled education to penetrate areas which wear remotely out of proximity from any form of development.

The Internet is Avast Encyclopedia and we can find information on almost any topics in it. Also, one of the wonders of Internet is that it has allowed us to communicate in a way which is almost legendary for the lack of better words.

The electronic mail facility as well as the modern video and voice calling facilities offered by the Internet is one of a kind and never seen before. The Internet is augmented not only education but also business, human relations, social media and also general Welfare of the society.

No doubt Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, but just like everything else in existence, Internet to has vices in its own ways. The advent of Internet has given rise to a completely new and advanced niche of crimes called cyber-crimes.

These are usually crimes committed over the Internet which helps people to hide their identity and includes activities like fraudulent monetary transactions, identity and information theft, money laundering, phishing etc. The Internet has become a boon for the terrorist organizations of the worlds today.

These terrorist organizations put out horrifying videos of manslaughter on the web in order to scare the innocent people and to influence the impressionable Innocent children into doing things which are not only against our conscience but against the principles of natural justice and humanity all together.

Some of these organizations also have initiated the recruitment process over the world wide web which allows them to cancel their identity in a most secure way and procure manpower from all over the world to sponsor and be a part of their grotesque and hydra headed clandestine activities which are in gross violation of the law.

Usually young kids and teenagers fall prey to these lures. Strict parent’s supervision is the need of the hour to prevent more and more kids getting into these traps.

Another serious thread that the Internet poses is cyber bullying. Children as we all know are quite innocent and influential and can easily be persuaded to do things that they might not particularly be proud of once they grow older.

Many adults on the web trick kids into uploading pictures consisting of embarrassing physical imagery which might even be later shared by them throughout the Internet does destroying kid’s reputation and self-esteem.

These pedophiles on the Internet often do this usually to female teenagers and underage kids for the satisfaction of their perverted pleasures.

Chat rooms are a similar tool which enables these unscrupulous men to talk with kids and teenagers and influence them into sharing sensitive personal information which might be later used in order to obtain monetary gains through blackmail and such other methods.

Often it has been observed that these kids end up talking to strangers and sharing these personal information and pictures or videos might get into depression and in order to escape this embarrassing reality they often choose to leave mortality and be free committing suicide. Fat loss is detrimental to the development of a healthy and progressive society.

Another thread that the Internet poses is data theft which is usually done in order to gain access to sensitive information which might otherwise be traded for monetary gains. Some of this information may be related to the defense of the nation, information about the military Arsenal as well as nuclear codes of a country.

This information as we all know is extremely sensitive and might even result in large-scale mass destruction and loss of property and life if these information is passed on to the wrong hands.

With easy access to the Internet, and lesser interference from parents, teenagers and children these days engaging activities influenced by their hormonal rage and end up performing activities like watching and distributing of obscene audio-visual media which is also legally banned below a certain age.

The list of these reasons is ever expanding and these are only a few examples. Parents should always have a strict control and supervision of what the kids watch engage in on the world wide web or else they might stay in two parts from which return is virtually impossible and might affect these as well as the lives of their loved ones.

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