Paragraph on My Favourite Animal – For Class 1 and Class 2 Students

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Here is a collection of short essays on the topic – My Favourite Animal.

1) Dog

My favourite animal is dog. I like dogs because they are very loyal. I love to pet dogs and move my hand through their soft fur. A dog is a loving companion for life.

This is a picture of me with my pet dog Casper. I have great fun playing with him every day. My pet dog sits by my side when I am unhappy. He is the most precious gift I have received for my birthday.

My Favourite Animal - Dog

I have great fun playing with my dog every day.

2) Cat

My favourite animal is cat. They are the cutest pets in the world! I love their wet noses and fluffy tails. The paws of cats are like soft cotton balls. Most of all, I like the fact that cats are always curious and distracted. This makes them very silly and funny at the same time.

My Favourite Animal - Cat

Cats are the cutest pets in the world.

3) Turtle

My favourite animal is a turtle. I have a pet turtle that lives in a terrarium at home. We change the water in the terrarium frequently, as this keeps my pet healthy. My turtle is always hungry and likes to eat the canned turtle food we buy for him. Watching him swim around in the terrarium is a very beautiful sight.

My Favourite Animal - Turtle

I have a pet turtle that lives in a terrarium at home.

4) Rabbit

My favourite animal is rabbit. They have beautiful long ears, twitchy noses, and soft furry bodies. Rabbits love to chew on everything, and their favourite food includes grass, fresh vegetables, and fruits like pineapple. Rabbits usually sleep during the day and night. They are awake at dusk and dawn.

My Favourite Animal - Rabbit

Rabbits have beautiful long ears, twitchy noses, and soft furry bodies.

5) Horse

My favourite animal is a horse. They are herbivorous animals that feed on hay, grass, herbs, and some vegetables. Horses can form friendships with humans, as they are social animals. They are known for their majestic movements and speed.

My Favourite Animal - Horse

Horses can form friendships with humans.

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