Essay on My Favourite Game | Cricket | Football | Badminton | Kho Kho

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In my neighbourhood, every child comes out to play in the evenings. I to, join them. I enjoy playing any game, whether it is like gilli-danda or football or badminton. However, the game I like most is cricket. It is a gentlemen’s game and provides good exercise and plenty of excitement. I have been interested […]

Essay on Haritha Haram (994 Words)

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The term ‘Forest’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘Foris’ meaning outside with reference to village boundary or fence including all uncultivated and uninhabited land. Nowadays, forests mean any land managed for diverse purpose of forestry, whether covered with trees, shrubs, bushes, climbers, grasses, etc.  What is Haritha Haram? Telangana Ku Haritha Haram, better known as Haritha Haram […]

If I were an Astronaut (995 Words)


As a human being we have certain limitations. We are bound to certain things. We love the sky. We adore the beauty of sky. The blue and white blanket spread all over the sky gives a sense of completeness and relief. It gives us peace. It feels so relaxing to look at the sky high […]

If I was a Superhero Essay for Children (600 Words)


There are many super heroes prevailing in the world like Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Thor, Hal Jorden, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Wally West, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Super Girl, Hercules and many more. The child, teenager or adult would always think of powers like they see in the movies and have perceptions […]

Short Essay on Cricket Match | My Hobby & Favourite Game Cricket


Cricket is a sport that barely requires an introduction. Being an Indian, it is the one sport that we have constantly heard about while growing up. We all have fond memories of making teams among our friends and playing cricket on the streets. The whole family would gather around the T.V. when the Indian team […]

My Favourite Player Essay | Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Cricketer)


MS Dhoni urf Mahendra Singh Dhoni, everyone knows him! He is the shinning superstar of our country. He is the one who makes our country proud of. He is such an expert in cricket that he has fan base of over a millions.   Hard work and reach your goals! Is what’s his motive.  Through his entire life […]

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