Speech on Are Zoos Good Place for Animal?

0 Comments November 4, 2017

Good morning respected principal and teachers and greetings to my peers and fellow students. Today I am going to present before you my views on “are zoos good places and why”. I beg your pardon for any mistake that I make while presenting the speech and also wish for your cooperation. A child is always […]

Maharaja Ranjit Singh | Short Note | History

0 Comments November 2, 2017

The Sikh Empire which was present in Punjab was founded by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was a courageous person just like his father later made him a very great leader. He was brave and courageous in whatever he did in his entire life. It is because of this he received the title of “Sher-e-Punjab”. It […]

Speech on Why Participation is More Important than Winnig?


Very good morning to everyone. The topic of my speech today is that participation is more important than winning itself. Competition is one of the most important aspects of life. There is competition even before a person is born. However, in today’s day and age the importance of competition has been taken to a bit […]

Speech on Friendship for Children


Good morning people. Today I wish to put forward a speech in front of you on the topic of ‘friendship’, and I wish your full co operation throughout the time that I will be presenting. Also kindly pardon me for any mistake that I commit in this course. Man is a social being. He cannot […]

Speech on Hiroshima Day for Children


A warm welcome to everyone present here. The topic on which I am going to speak today is Hiroshima Day. Probably every one of us here is familiar with the greatest tragedy in human history of destruction of human beings by other human beings. That grotesque event took place on the 6th of August 1945 […]

Battle of Karnal

0 Comments November 1, 2017

It was during the 1730’s Nader Shah had conquered east Afghanistan, invaded through Peshawar and Kabul, he moved towards the Mughal capital, that is, Delhi. At that time Muhammad Shah gathered a large force at Delhi and moved towards the north but his army stopped at Karnal.  Karnal was in the north of Delhi. Many […]

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