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Hello everyone. Today the topic of discussion shall be literally of ‘taste’! In this fast paced world, health often takes the backseat.

In the endless run to make money and work pressure we often neglect health issues and consumer diet consisting of improper composition of unhealthy nutrients which causes bodily damage in the long run.

Because of the fast-paced lifestyle that we live today we do not always have the time to cook wholesome meals and as a result often, we resort to foods that are made quickly and can be eaten quickly.

These foods are called fast foods and usually contain a substance called cholesterol in high quantities which lead to coronary heart disease over time. 

However, with the advent of various research and increasing awareness, the people have started to recognize the harmful compounds like cholesterol that are present in certain food. However we often tend to hyper react to this necessary evil called cholesterol.

Various myths have been conducted around this so called devilish substance, more so, because of rampant victimization of cholesterol in the social media through the spread of wrong news. 

Although it’s bad in heavy quantities, cholesterol is an extremely important chemical for the sustenance of a normal healthy human body. Cholesterol is the best chemical of all steroid compounds that are produced in the body.

These compounds may include both corticosteroids as well as anabolic androgenic steroids, both of which are extremely essential for various processes of the human body. Cholesterol also helps in lipid mobilization in the human body. 

Often when we go to the doctors we have been prescribed a lipid profile test for knowing if there is an increase or decrease in the amount of cholesterol in our body. This cholesterol in our body is measured by the concentration of lipoproteins in the blood.

These lipoproteins are molecules consisting of fats and proteins. These lipoproteins are usually of two types called low density lipoproteins and high-density lipoproteins often sound on our blood test reports as LDL and HDL cholesterol respectively.

This life of proteins act as Scavenger molecules running through the entire body within the blood and collecting the fatty acid scattered throughout the body obtained from the food.

The LDL molecules have a lower density and therefore these are in efficient in scavenging the fats and spread them throughout the body in a haphazard manner causing more damage and there for an excess of LDL for longer period of time leads to thickening of arteries due to fat deposition and leads to coronary heart diseases overtime.

On the other hand, the HDL cholesterol has higher density because they collect the facts about the body was cleaning the entire system of so called dirty fatty acids. 

Therefore an increase in HDL cholesterol and decrease in LDL cholesterol is a marker for good health. 

In today’s world the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, nothing is free of genetic modification and pollution which has resulted in adverse effects on the reproduction system causing birth defects in newborns because of poor quality of germ cells.

Because of these ‘cholesterol-Nazis’, we have branded cholesterol as a culprit and have stopped consuming it altogether.

However, it is this cholesterol molecule which is a predecessor of the testosterone and estrogen hormones which is extremely important for the development of secondary sexual characteristics like bears and muscles in men and breasts in females. 

Good cholesterol is present in various foods that we eat. The most easily available of them is present in the yolks of eggs.

These yolks are an excellent source of cholesterol as well as a plethora of other micro nutrients. At least 1 to 2 egg yolks per day can give us our daily requirement of cholesterol.

However, this quantity increases with an increase in the daily labour of the body like strenuous work or exercise. Various international health organizations have put the required daily intake of cholesterol to be no more than 300mg of cholesterol. 

However, just like everything else in life, nothing in excess is good. There are certain foods like ghee, butter, cheese, etc, which when consumed in excessive amounts may lead to accumulation of bad cholesterol in our body.

Because of our modern lifestyle, exercise has been grossly neglected for lack of time as well as opportunities and to some extent because of an absence of will generated because of other forms of electronic entertainment at the tip of our fingers.

Without exercise, any form of cholesterol, amounts to heart diseases, diabetes, etc. and therefore these have been collectively known as lifestyle diseases. 

To wrap up, I would say that the world is made of nations; a nation is made up of citizens; therefore, only a healthy population makes up a healthy country and a healthy country makes a healthy world which is imperative for prosperity and development in all spheres. 

Thank you!!!

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