Essay on Old Age Problems

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We are born on earth as infants. We are small little babies who come to this earth crying. This is the very starting of the life. Biologically speaking the life starts at the moment it is inside the mother’s womb. It takes the long period of nine months to mature enough to come out into the world.

It is a beautiful process that is created by the god for the starting of a new life. Every stage of an individual is different and always growing. We gradually develop into adults and then we proceed into our old age.

Every stage has a responsibility. We learn something or the other in every stage. We learn to speak when we are small. We learn to study when we kids. We learn to go to school and manage the things on our own. We go to college and face completely different environment from our school and learn to adjust there.

This stage develops in us the sense of adjustment and compromise. Every stage is a learning and growing stage. We struggle to get a job and do our work. During all this while we are in our young phase. We are enthusiastic. We do our work with lots of energy and spirit.

We have power in us to face the hardships be it physical or mental. We can handle the things.  All these things are possible only when we are in our young age. We are physically fit. We are strong. We are excited about every new thing that we come through. These are all advantages of the youthful days. But as soon as we proceed to our old age these qualities start to diminish.

The things get completely changed. It is not that only old aged people have problems related to their health but they are more prone to this. The body starts to degenerate. In order to face less problems in the old age one should be careful from the very start.

We should be aware about the things that we consume. It would help us in the long run. In old age the body parts starts to get weak. The immunity that we pose in our young age is no more the same in that age. We have to be very particular about what we eat from the very start.

old age essayOld age brings with it experiences and many problems as well. The major problem of our contemporary time is the communication. The problem is the generation gap. Many grandparents do not have any thing in common to talk to their grand-children. It is because from their time the things have changed a lot. They are various developments. There are various modifications.

World has progressed a lot. The best example is of the mobile phone. During their time there were no smart phones. They used to write letters and send them. But in the present world scenario the things are completely different from before.

Today it has become a very big task to survive without the smart phone. Every individual has this thing with them. There is one big problem of the old age. This is the loss of hope and faith. Many people who belong to this age feel dejected and sad about their physical weakness.

They should feel in that way. It creates more harm to them. If a person gets mentally weak then it becomes very difficult for them. They should be happy with whatever they have. It is not that the age has taken away everything from them.

They can still do the same things. The thing that matters is the hope and the courage. They should participate. They should keep on using their body in doing things. If they fall on bed, simply lying whole day on it then it would be no use.

It is said that the machines which does not work gets rusted. The same thing goes for the human body as well. We need to use it. We have this power in our hands. We have to utilize it so that it gives us support. They are various people belonging to the old age who go on morning walks.

They do work. They do household works. They keep themselves busy and their body in working condition. This will keep them fit and fine. They should never corner themselves. This is the wrong thing to do. There might be clashes in the thoughts and opinions but that does not mean that they should not interact.

It is often seen that in old age people get more attached to the things. They would want people to come and talk to them. The great author Shakespeare has said that old age is the second childhood stage. It is a stage where people behave like kids. They need to be taken care of.

They need to be pampered. Every individual is precious. It does not matter which age group does he/she belongs to. This has to be kept in mind. Old age has lot of difficulties to tackle but everything can be tolerated. A person should have faith. They see the world changing and growing in front of them. They have numerous experiences and tales to share. It would be a good deal to spend some time with them. It would nice talking to them.

Hence people should be afraid about the old age. It is completely in our hand how we lead towards that age. We can stay fit if we have proper food habits. We can survive easily with less problems. It is the absolute truth. It has to happen and it will happen no matter what.

Every individual has to go through this age. Nobody can escape. Many people feel worried thinking about what would happen to them in their old age. They should not worry. If they are able to enjoy every other age then the old age can also be enjoyed. One should have the ability.

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