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In order to lead a happy and proper life, we need to have a good health. Only with a good health we can do anything in our health. A bad health will not allow us to do anything. We can do a lot of things with a good health. It is more important than our wealth too.

This does not mean that we do not need wealth. We obviously need wealth in order to survive in this world. But we should focus more on our health than the wealth. We should be attached to our wealth so much. We should rather show that attachment to our health.

It is only with a proper health that we can work and earn wealth for ourselves. If we do not have a good health then this wealth will not come to us. Even if we have wealth but no proper health, the wealth will get over one day. After that a person will not be able to get any sort of wealth anymore.

In order to have a proper health, we need to eat the right type of food that our body needs for proper growth, development and proper functioning.

When we do not eat properly, our body becomes weak and we are not able to do any work properly. We will be able to maintain a good health by good eating habits and a proper nutrition.

What is nutrition?

Nutrition is the process in which our body gets the necessary nutrients in the right way for the daily functioning and development of the body. The right type of food gives us the essential nutrients that are needed by our body. But eating only the right type of food is not important.

We should know in what quantity we should take them. Only the right quantity of the food will give us the necessary nutrients.

From the time we are born till we die, we need the proper nutrition at every stage of our life. If this does not happen we will not have a proper health. We need to eat the right food in the right quantity according to our age and body. We cannot eat the same food and the same quantity in our entire life.

We need to change it according to the time. This is because at different stages of our life we need different type of food and the quantity also changes.

This happens as there is some sort of growth and changes that takes place in our body. In order to adapt to those changes, we need the right nutrition with the time.

For example: We cannot eat the same thing the rest of our life what we used to eat when we were a baby. At that point of time even the quantity of the food which we used to intake was extremely less compared to how much we take during the later time of our lives.

Essential nutrients for our body

Our body needs certain types of nutrients so that our body gets the proper growth and development. We cannot get these nutrients by eating any type of food. We should have a proper diet for that which we should maintain always. If we follow this diet for a short period of time there will not be any changes. There will be changes only if follow the diet every day and never stop it.

Nutrition essayThere are six essential nutrients for the proper growth, development and functioning of our body. They are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Each of these nutrients is important for our body. We cannot skip or ignore of these nutrients. This is because all of these nutrients have their importance and functions. They help in the growth of the body is different ways

Carbohydrates: They are considered as the main source of energy. Carbohydrates are very important for our brain. It is because of carbohydrates that our body is able to be function properly. We can get carbohydrates in sugar items, vegetables, fruits, grains and breads.

We should eat those food items which contain whole grain. Whole grain helps us in many ways and is very important as it protects us from many diseases.

Proteins: They are responsible for building our body, development, growth of the body cells and also help to repair the tissues of our body. They are called as the body building food. The food items which can give us proteins are eggs, dairy items, meat and beans.

Fats: They are a source of energy. It is the fats that help us to consume the different vitamins needed for our body. We can get this energy by eating nuts, seeds, fish, meat, dairy items. But some of these items must be taken in limited quantity.

Vitamins: Vitamins help our ligaments, bones and blood vessels to structure properly. There are different types of vitamins that are needed for our body. They are Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. All of these types of vitamins have different functions in our body.

Vitamin A helps in our vision, skin, immunity and the process of reproduction. Vitamin B helps in the production of new cells in our body and the nerves function well with Vitamin B. We can be free from infections and can have a strong immune system with the help of Vitamin C.

Vitamin D helps in the growth of our bones. They make our bones strong. Our cells are protected by Vitamin E and diseases like cancer and Alzheimer can be treated by this vitamin.

Vitamin K is important when we have blood clot. Deficiency of any of them will cause many diseases and illness like eye blindness, anemia, rickets and weak bones etc. The sources of vitamins are peppers, citrus fruits and strawberries.

Minerals: There are different minerals which help us in various ways. For example: Our bones become strong by the intake of calcium. We can get calcium by taking milk, yoghurt and cheese that contains less fat.

Potassium helps in the proper maintenance of our body fluids. Food items like tomatoes, potatoes and bananas are rich in minerals.

Water: Water has many benefits. It helps to maintain our body temperature, digestion and excretion of the waste products from our body. We should regularly drink water as it will help us to be protected from many health problems.

This shows that these nutrients have various functions which help our body to develop in the right manner and thus gives us a good and healthy life.

Why is nutrition important for us?

Nutrition is very important for our body. The right nutrition helps our body to develop and function properly. There are many reasons due to which nutrition is necessary for our body. It helps us to maintain our mental and physical health. Nutrition focuses on our well being.

With the right nutrition we tend to remain fit and active. We get energy to perform our work with the help of our nutrition. We are able to focus better on our work with proper nutrition. We can stay and look young for very long time if we get the right nutrition.

We can also live for a longer period of time compared to the people who eat unhealthy food. We are safe from any of the health problems which can be caused due to consumption of unhealthy foods. If we do not face any health problems there will not be any expenditure for health treatment.

Instead that money can be used for other useful and important purposes. When we do not get the right nutrition we are prone to many harmful diseases. The right nutrition makes our immune system strong. We will not get sick because we have a strong immunity against different types of diseases or illness. Our body height and weight is also affected by the nutrition.

If we do not have the right nutrition the growth in our height and weight gets hampered. This results in improper height and weight of our body. When we do not eat enough food or the right type of food it affects our behaviour too. People who do not get right and enough food tend to be very moody ones.

They are sad most of the time which makes them eat more of unhealthy foods. So, the right nutrition keeps a person happy. Thus, it is necessary for all of us to know about the right nutrition from before itself so that we continue to follow it the rest of our lives without facing any problems.

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