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Our health is very important to us. If we do not have a proper health, we will not be happy. We will be always cribbing about small things and our health. We will not be able to do anything without a good health. So, in order to be happy and to do something productive in life, we need to maintain a proper health.

We should have a proper and healthy lifestyle. But no matter how much a person tries best to maintain the lifestyle, they may tend to fall sick sometime or the other.

This can be due to lifestyles or our surroundings. When this happens one needs to get proper treatment. The other people and their close ones should not leave them in such a condition and instead take care proper of them.  

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When we get sick our parents and close ones take care of us. In the same way, when there are patients in the hospital or clinics nurses take care of them. But what do nurses do? What is nursing? Nursing is the work of a person who helps to protect, promote and optimize a person’s health and abilities, help in healing and treating sick people and be a support to the patients’ family members by taking care of the patient.

The work of a nurse seems to be easy but it is actually not. We can have female nurses as wells as male nurses in the hospital and health centers. Nurses need to have patience and courage to take care of the patients. They need patience because depending on the sickness of the patient, they need to control their anger and other emotions while taking care of the patient.

Sometimes it happens some of the patients are very rude and arrogant. They do not follow or listen anything. Patients like them need to be handled carefully. They need courage because even the nurses in the hospitals and health centers are humans. They are not like aliens who will not have any emotions.

Very often when people see sick people or someone who has serious wounds because of an accident, they get emotional or they are scared to look at them. The same happens with the nurses as well. But they are courageous enough to handle all these.  

Training for nursing 

In nursing, a person can be trained for many fields or categories. There are different training’s for child nursing, mental health nursing, adult nursing and many more. There are many colleges and universities which can a person degree and training in these fields.

In some of the areas the training to become a nurse is not so costly. In such areas they get training’s easily and they learn all the work. There also some courses to become a nurse. During this training they are taught from the base to the end of everything.

They are taught to handle the patients, treat them and take care of them. In the starting it becomes a little difficult but later once they have learnt everything things start to become easy. 

Roles of a nurse

Nursing essayThe functions of a nurse look easy but it is not. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, dedication and courage. They have many works to do in the hospital and health centers. They are the helping hand of the doctors. They are always there to assist the doctors in treating the patients.

Even when the patients need them, they are always there to help and assist. When the patients have problems they tell about them to the nurses. Then the nurses further communicate about it to the respective doctors. Not only this, the patients also are afraid sometimes to speak up when they need to.

The nurses motivate and help them to do so. Very often we have seen that when a person is ill they start asking various questions about their sickness to the nurses. During such times they are ever ready to answer their questions and help them know more.

Very often the patients act very rudely and arrogant. At such times the nurses have to bear all these behaviors of the patients and handle them.

The nurses continuously go to check the patients and give them medicines and injections on time. They cannot prescribe medicines to the patients like the doctors do. But they can do so under the instructions of the doctor.  

Nursing as a career 

Taking nursing as one’s career is not an easy choice. This is because the person knows they need to sacrifice their own time, be patient, courageous and bold. They should be able to handle all types of situations in the hospital. The field of nursing is experiencing growth time.

Many nurses who are able to do their work with dedication and are eager to learn new things about the field are hired. Nursing as a career is not a bad choice. This is because this field has been having growth. Many people get employment easily because in some of the places, the training does not require a lot of money. After that they learn a lot of things and gain experience.

When they learn so many things there, they start to improve in their own life too. The nurses need to be very caring to the patients. Sometimes when the medicines do not show any positive result on the patients, it is this love and care of the nurses that their health starts improving.

The career of nursing is developing with time and advancement in technology. The nurses learn to balance their work in the hospital looking after the patients and also at their own homes.

It is very common that when we know a nurse in our colony or in someone’s family, they are always called for help. This shows that the work of nurses does not start and end only in the hospital. Their work can be done even outside. By helping people outside too, they gain more experience.  

Nursing in the 21st century 

With the advancement of technology, treatments have started to change a lot. Nowadays because of enough information on the internet, people have started taking care and treating themselves on their own. They try to do the works of the nurse by themselves.

But still they cannot replace the works of a nurse. No matter how easily the work may be shown in internet, but the actual work and accuracy will not be same. Experience and practical knowledge is very important for this. In today’s time, the advancement in technology has helped the nurses a lot.

They can gain a lot of information about different topics. By gaining that extra information, they can put them into practical use and further learn more on them. The technology is advancing at such a pace that one day there will be a hospital very different from the ones we have been seeing from many years.

Due to the advancement in technology, the way of training of the nurses and treatment of the patients has also changed.

The organization of the nursing staff faces a lot of problems in the present time. Some of them do not work with dedication and willingness. Due to this the patients and hospital have to suffer. Everything needs to be run in a proper and planned way. 

Issues nurses face 

No matter there has been growth in the medical industry, the nursing field being one its category has been facing a lot of problems which needs to be solved. Otherwise it will affect the growth in the medical industry. The problem of salary and compensation of the nurses needs to be solved. We often see that different regions pay the nurses differently.

This needs to be solved because the nurses almost do the same amount of work with dedication and hard work everywhere. The authorities must see into this issue. Otherwise there are chances many nurse will be leaving their job due to inadequate salary and compensation.

Sometimes have to bear the bad behaviour of the patients. There have been times when the patients have harmed them. This can happen depending on what they are suffering from or else if they did not want to take the medicines and they were forced to take.

The nurses have to take care of the patients. Their health is also at risk when they treat them because even that virus or sickness can come to them. The nursing sector should have a proper organization so that the patients do not have to suffer for the problems of the organization.

All the patients should be taken care properly. This will happen only if the organization is proper and disciplined. Many times when the organization is lenient, some of them do not work properly due to which the patients have to suffer.

The nurses sacrifice their own personal time for their work. They have continuous and long hours of duty. This should not happen. They should get proper breaks and shifts in the duties.  

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