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Country Nigeria
Continent Africa
Location 9.08200 N, 8.67530 E
Map of Nigeria   map of nigeria
Flag  flag of nigeria
Area 923,768 km²
Coastline 530 miles
Neighboring Countries Cameroon


Equatorial Guinea



Sao Tome and Principle



Burkina Faso



Central African Republic

Ivory Coast




Democratic Republic of the Congo



Sierra Leone






Time Zone WAT (UTC +1)
Population 192.24 million (2017)
Symbol  nigeria symbol
Independence Day October 1st, 1960
President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari
Vice President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo
National Anthem ‘’Arise O Compatriots’’
Motto ‘’Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress’’
National Animal Eagle
National Bird Black Crowned Crane
National Flower Costus Spectabilis
National Drink Kunu and zobo (Northern Nigeria)

Palmwine and Native gin (Southern Nigeria)

National Sport Football
National Dance Nigerian Dance
National Language English
Seasons in Nigeria Rainy Season

Summer Season

Prestigious Awards of Nigeria Military Awards – Order of the Federal Republic, Order of the Niger

Civilian Gallantry Awards – Albert Medal, Edward Medal, Sea Gallantry Medal, Empire Gallantry Medal, British Empire Medal, George Cross, George Medal, Queen’s Gallantry Medal

Cinema Award – Africa International Film Festival, Africa Film Academy, Africa Movie Academy Awards, Nollywood Movies Network, Nollywood Movies Awards, Best of Nollywood Awards, Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards

Religion in Nigeria Protestantism (74.1%)

Roman Catholicism (24.9%)

Eastern Orthodox (0.1%)

Other Christian (0.9%)

Average Marriage age in Nigeria 26.9 years for men and 19.3 years for women
Capital Abuja (90 4’N 7029’E)
Number of States 36 States
Largest State in Nigeria Kano State
Smallest State in Nigeria Bayelsa State
Number of Cities 80 Cities
Largest City in Nigeria Lagos
Smallest City in Nigeria Uromi
Literacy rate 59.6% (males)

69.2% (females)

Type of Government Presidential System


Federal Republic

GDP PPP – $1,125 trillion (2017)

Nominal – $400.621 billion (2017)

GDP per capita $5,960 (2017)
Currency Naira (₦) (NGN)
Calling Code  +234
Internet TLD .ng
ISO 3166 code NG
Festivals of Nigeria Eid al Maulud

Argungu Fishing Festival


Osun Festival

Eid al Fitri

Eid al Kabir

Calabar Carnival

Christmas Day

Historic Monuments Arometa

The Kano City Walls

Ogbunike Caves

Jesus de Saviour Statue

Benin Bronze Heads

Protected Areas in Nigeria 9 National Parks

11 Forest Reserves

5 Game Reserves

1 Nature Parks

1 Nature Reserves

Longest River in Nigeria Niger River
Longest Bridge in Nigeria Third Mainland Bridge
Longest Beach in Nigeria Ibeno Beach
Largest Lake Lake Chad
Largest Island Vitoria Island
Highest Mountain in Nigeria Chappal Waddi
Biggest Dam in Nigeria Kainji Dam
Biggest Waterfall in Nigeria Farin Ruwa Waterfall
Tallest Building in Nigeria InterContinental Lagos
Richest person of Nigeria Aliko Dangote
Best places to visit in Nigeria Calabar



Yankari National Park



Kainji Lake National Park

Gashaka Gumti National Park


Port Harcourt



Okomu National Park

Benin City

Edumanom National Forest

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