Short Essay on My Neighbours (325 Words)

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I stay in a large multi-storeyed building consisting of many independent flats. So I have a plenty of neighbours. Most of my Neighbours are friendly people and I get along quite well with them.

Hardly do I quarrel with any of them. My next door neighbours to the left is a senior officer in government service. He has rather a high opinion about himself.

He considers it below his dignity to mix freely with others. His wife however, is jovial and sociable, ever smiling and friendly.

She is the exact opposite of her proud husband. My neighbor to the right is a share broker. He is hard working and enterprising. He gives people useful advice and helpful tips on investment. Many in the colony have benefited from his guidance.

In the flat directly opposite mine, lives a decent, educated couple. The husband is a professor in a nearby college and the wife is a teacher in a municipal primary school.

Once a year, we all make plans and go on an excursion to some interesting place or the other. This helps us to come closer and understand one another better.

Besides, we celebrate festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Eid and Christmas jointly and hold a number of sports and literary competitions, both for the young and the old.

These festivities give us an opportunity to come together and help us build good neighbourly relations.
‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’, Said Jesus Christ. Sometimes this becomes very difficult to put into practice. Yet we must always try to be good to our neighbours.

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