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Good morning respected principal teachers and all my friends. Today I am going to present my speech on “Natural Resource”. I hope that you all like the content that I have presented, provide me with co-operation and also pardon for any mistake that I make while presenting it. 

Resources are what that runs our society today. It provides us with the energy to run our society. But what are resources exactly? Resources are those energy sources that give us the power or the source to our life and our devices. Resources can be obtained from various sources. Resources are of two types mainly:- 

Artificial resource and natural resource 

There are not much artificial resources to be honest. Our main source are the natural resources.  We are the main power houses. We depend wholly on natural resources. Natural resources are again of two types. Confusing right? 

Natural resources can be renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are those resources that can be renewed with time. That is, they won’t finish how much you use them. But on the other hand, non-renewable resources are those resources which can get depleted with time. That is once they finish there will be no way to renew them. They will be gone forever. 

But the irony lies in the fact the dependency of human beings is more on the non-renewable sources than the renewable ones. Funny, right? We finish the ones that will get depleted and do not use the ones that is available to us for infinite use. What are the non-renewable sources? Well fossil fuels are one of them. Our world runs on fossil fuels today. All our vehicles and engines are designed to run fossil fuels. None of them are designed to run on the available natural resources 

Natural resources include the harnessing the energy of the sun, the energy of the velocity of the wind and the kinetic energy of the flowing water. These are the sources whose energies are available to us in plenty, but still we do not use them.

Actually, the problem lies in the fact that our techniques and equipment’s are not so well developed to engage the use of natural resources. Usually the cost of building a device harnessing natural energy is often more than the cheaply available devices using non-renewable sources.

The cost of solar power panels is more than the cost of battery powered device. These devices are usually large in their dimensions, not portable and difficult to build and requires high maintenance with time. Which is just the opposite case of devices running on non-renewable resources.

Such devices are cheap, readily available, portable and easy to maintain. Hence maximum people choose such devices over ‘green devices’? 

Who cares about mother earth getting polluted? Who cares about the natural resources getting depleted and why should we even care because when it actually happens we won’t be there surviving.

But if you consider a bit you will realize that we all are actually darkening the future of the civilization that we have built with our own hands. If there is no future then what was the point in building up such an advanced fabric of urban development. 

But fortunately, some people are not so thoughtless as us. They spend every day of their lives planning to build something friendly for the earth. Something that will save mother earth from the diseases that it is suffering from.

It is for them that we are now making developments in the field of making new devices and machines which harness the renewable sources of energy. Newly invented machines are faster and better. They are being made to be cheap and easily available. Even their maintenance is not much needed.

Be it a solar power car or a solar cooker or a wind mill generating electricity. Hydral power plants are slowly replacing the coal powered thermal powered plants. 

Non-renewable resources also produce pollution. Be it burning of coal or incinerating petrol. All of them have their end products which are harmful. These are readily available but they create some waste too. Hence their use should be minimized. 

So how should I conclude this speech? I do not want to bore you down by giving a long speech. I will only say that according to my perspective we should be putting our own little efforts to saving this earth.” Drops of water can fill an ocean.” So, we should try saving the natural resources right from our homes.

Taking a cycle to the nearby shops or walking to errands are what we can all do right? Switching off the lights and fans when not in use, unnecessary use of heaters and air conditioners are some things we all are aware of.

Hence my message to you all is do what has to be done today, and do it right now. Do not wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow might not come at all. 

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