My School Essay for Children | Speech | Short Paragraph (200 words)

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I study at Holy Catholic Public School in Delhi. It is very big and spacious. It has a double-storeyed, red brick building. The ground floor has the primary wing and the first floor is used for the junior classes.

The building has about 40 classrooms. All of them are spacious and well-ventilated. There is a big library, a science laboratory, and two office rooms. We have a big playground, where students play different games. There is a small garden, full of beautiful flowers and soft, green, grass.

The gardener looks after them. He lives in the school. At night he guards the school. We have 30 teachers who are guided by the Principal. All the teachers are highly educated and well trained.

Our Principal is an M.A., M.Ed. She is a very strict lady and believes in simple living and high thinking. The principal also lays great emphasis on games. This is the reason why our students win many trophies in inter-school tournaments each year.

About a thousand students study in my school. They do well in examinations. The teacher and students of my school are disciplined and well mannered.

My school is one of the leading, famous schools in the district. I love it a lot. Iā€™m proud of my school and its teachers

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