Essay on My Favourite Cartoon: Essay on my favourite Cartoon Character Doraemon & Essay on my favourite Cartoon Character Chhota Bheem

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My favourite cartoon Doraemon 

My favourite cartoon is Doraemon.  Doraemon is a cat, who arrives form 22nd century to help Nobhita. Doraemon is the best friend of Nobita; Nobita always cries and come to Doraemon for help.  The cat has many gadgets, and Nobita take advantage of it.

Nobita’s friends Jiaan and Suniyo always bit Nobia , and Nobita come towards Doraemon for help. He is very lazy.

Dorameon has sister and her name is Doramee, she too helps Nobita.

Nobita Nobi

Nobita is always scolled by his teacher for not doing homework, and jiaan and suniyo make his fun. Only her friend shizuka, help him a lot. Nobita likes shizuka and in future he will marry her.

Doraemon has come to help Nobita to make his future bright. Doraemon has the pocket on his stomach, form where he removes the gadgets.  He always save Nobita from his friends.

But as usual Nobita get Zero marks in his test, and he hides the test papers, but unfortunately the test papers are seen by his mother, and he again comes in trouble.

Nobita is jealous from dekisugi, because he is clever. I like all character in the cartoon of Doraemon. The characters are

Shizuka, Suneo, Gian

Nobita, Gian, Suneo , Shizuka, Dekisugi , and Dorameon.

Doraemon is favourite cartoon of all kids, every kid like to watch this cartoon.

By this cartoon, we get a lesson that we should always work hard.  Doaremon too teach Nobita to work hard and solve his problem by own. Not to depends on other.

In this cartoon we also learned about good friendship between them. Though Nobita friends always beat him, but some time they help him, and prove their friendship.

My favourite cartoon Chhota Bheem

I Like Chhota Bheem cartoon very much. In this cartoon, there are serveal character that are doing their best namely, Dubu, Kaalia, Dholu, Bolu, Chutki, Raju, and Chhota Bheem.

Always Kaalia make some mistake that too bheem has to solve it. Kaalia is quite jealous of bheem, but indeed he is too friend of chhota bheem.

Bheem and his company lives in small village, where king rule is there.

One more interesting character is Raju, a small kid, but dream is very big, he always tries to prove that he is not a baby/ kid.

Chhota bheem is a fully animated series, everyone likes it.

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