My Father Essay | Short Paragraph (250 Words)

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My father is my role model. He is a man of many virtues. Born of poor, uneducated parents in the countryside, he worked hard to rise in life. During the day time, he helped grandpa at his family shop. He attended evening classes to complete his school education.

His school life was difficult. But, he succeeds and pursued his degree and Post-Graduation courses by correspondence.

What surprises me is that my father had no time for his education. Even then he completed his academic pursuit up to M.A level. He passed all his examinations in the first division. He scored the first position in the university in M.A (English).

Now he is a lecturer in a college. I never see my father wasting away his time. For him, “resting is rusting”. He loves everyone in the family. He is greatly dedicated to all of us. My father is very fond of gardening and has grown a beautiful garden in the house compound.

He is a regular reader of great writers. He even writes short stores, many of which are published.

Father is in constant touch with my school principal and teachers. He asks from them about my performance in the class. He is popular with the neighbours. Really he is my role mode and a real hero for me. Love you my daddy.

He is always ready to help anyone in difficulty. I feel proud of my father.

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