My Family Essay for Children | Short Paragraph (150 Words)

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I am Pooja Sharma. I am eight year old, and  studying  in standard VII in a convent school. My father is an Engineer. He is Computer Engineer. My Mother is Mrs. Usha Sharma. She is a clerk in bank. My younger brother is a Rahul Sharma.

He is in standard IV. My grandmother is very old and has white hair. She leaves the bed early in the morning. After taking her bath, she goes to the nearby temple every day. She is too active for her age.

My grandfather is also old but he is very energetic. He is a social worker. He always tries to solve the problems of the neighbourhood. Sometimes, he helps the poor people.

My uncle is Mr. Deepak Sharma. He works in the post office. He loves me very much. My aunt is also a very nice lady. She is teacher in a Higher Secondary School. My Aunt always tells me stories at night.

She calls me her pretty doll. We all live together in our beautiful house. Ours is a happy family.

Short Paragraph on My Family

We live in Delhi. There are five members in my family. My father works in an office. My mother is a house wife, she do all the work at home.

I am in the fifth standard. My younger sister is in the second standard . My Elder brother is in tenth standard. Our mother teaches us at home.

They both loves us and we love and obey them. Every evening we take our meal together. My father is my favourite as he is my role model. We are a happy family. I m very glad that I got such as wonderful family. A loving mother and father and caring Elder brother.

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