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Writing an essay on my brother will be a difficult job to do because of the obvious reasons. My elder brother Kunal, is not just my brother but even my best friend. I can talk and write about him all day long.

First of all I never used to like him, he always used to put tight rules and regulations and was very strict when it came to my schooling and the friends concerned.

But then slowly, I realized that it was for my own good. That he was so strict and possessive for me because that is how he expressed his love and care for me.

My brother is currently 19 years old and we have a great age gap of 10 years. People would always take us to be the kind of siblings who would not get along really well which seems quite correct to think because of the difference.

Instead, we share a good relationship where he is not just my brother but he plays the most important role in my life. In our family we are always supposed to have the breakfast together without any excuses.

This is the reason why I share this bond with my brother as I get to spend a great deal of time with him, not just some days but all the mornings as well. During the days he usually stays busy because of his college and studies.

Due to which I sometimes feel alone as I am left with no one to play or talk to. I don’t blame him since he has his duties to complete. I sometimes play with my friends in the backyard but it is nothing like playing with my brother, relaxed at home and watching animated movies with him.

He makes me watch the best animated movies out of which my favourite ones are Wreck It Ralph, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Inside Out etc.

Recently, on my birthday which was just a few weeks back, he gifted me a book to read. He made me fall in love with the idea of reading story books and now I just cannot stay without a book under my pillow while I sleep at night.

My mother sometimes gets angry because there have been moments where I skipped doing my school’s homework and spent the time reading a book,  when I stayed up till late night so as to complete my book as a result of which, my mother had to put extra effort in waking me up and getting me ready for school.

The good thing is, my brother even saves me from my mother’s scolding. He comes up with funny excuses and makes my mother laugh at such times. As a result this changes her mood and she gets back to being nice and normal to me.

He is more like an idol for me whom I can always look up to. He tries maintaining all the good habits as much as he can and also inspires me to do the same. I consider myself blessed because generally this is not the way how most of the elder brothers/sisters behave, most of them stay busy in their own competing lives.

While here, my brother, makes it a point to handle both the things really well. I’ve got to learn a lot from him, as to how we should treat our elders.

Not just the elders he even knows how to pick up a conversation with the young ones. I love the way how he treats me, never makes me feel alone and no doubt has the best speaking skills. He is well praised for his attitude towards every crisis in his life be it a personal or any professional issue.

He is not just about being strict and the one who regulates my life and nothing else, but just as I stated above he even brings a bag full of source of entertainment with him. He is fun to talk and play with.

Always takes out time for me and makes it a point to teach me the various values and morale’s in order to enhance me whole, as a person, as a human being.

Kunal is not just my brother, but both a best friend and a father because at the end of the day, that is exactly how he treats me and values me in his life. The only sad part is that after a few years, he will start working just like my father and then the things that we now do, on a daily basis, will automatically decrease.

But I hope the bond which is the most important than anything else, above everything else, will not change. I will make sure that it doesn’t. Although I do not get enough chances to say this but yes, I love my family, but I love my brother the most!

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