Mother’s Day Speech for Children | Short & Simple (400 words)

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A very good morning to honorable Principal, respected teachers and all my dear friends.

Today is Mother’s day, it is a very special day to celebrate the most important person in our life. She is the most adorable and loving woman. She is the one who cares for us and loves us more than anyone else, she is the one who sacrifices everything for us, she is the very definition of love for us, she is “mother”.

She is the one who brought us into this world, carrying us in her womb, loving us and caring for us even before we were born.The first person that we bond with is our mother; she is our first teacher, our comforter, helper and our lifeline.

She has an irreplaceable role in our lives, without her we wouldn’t even be in this world.Even a day is so less to appreciate all that our mothers do for us. They should be loved and cherished and appreciated everyday for all the love and effort they put in for us.

Ever since we took our first breath our mother has been the one person who was our very source of comfort, a weeping child can be only quieted in the loving arms of his mother.

Just by seeing his mother’s face and feeling her presence can bring a smile to a toddler’s face, like nothing else can.There is a very special bond that a mother and child share and it is unlike any other in the world.

A mother’s love for her child is unconditional and unfathomable; she cares for her child more than herself and spends all her life caring for her children.

No matter how many children she has, she will love them all uniquely, her love is never divided, rather it multiplies.

Our mother is our first teacher in life, she teaches us everything we need to know, she holds our hand and teaches us to walk. She catches us when we fall.

She is the one who encourages the first words out of our mouth, she is the one who teaches how to hold a spoon, how  to tie our shoelaces and the list goes on…

Our mother teaches us some very valuable moral values, we learn to share, we learn to give and we learn to love others from her. She is the very inspiration behind all our good deeds.

And as much as she lavishes us with her unconditional love, she also disciplines us and guides us to walk in the good path.

Even when we are punished by our mother, it is only out of love as she wants us to be a better person by disciplining us. She is the one person we can confidently trust and put our faith in, there is no one else who wants our good more than our mother.

Our joy and happiness is hers!Our mother nourishes us in every way, she tirelessly works to feed us, to care for us and spends so many sleepless nights just to take care of us when we are sick.

She is simply God’s greatest blessing in our life and should be loved, cherished and respected.

 “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” These lines by Agatha Christie truly capture the essence of the bond of love between a mother and her child.

And I think we all recognize the irreplaceable role that our mother plays in our lives, and we can never even hope to give anything worthy in return for her love for us.But we can bring a smile on her face by being a good and obedient child and remembering all the good lessons she taught us and by being a better person in life.

And on this special day let us all show our love and respect to our mother for all the love she has given to us and tell her how much we love her.

And I’m sure that seeing a beautiful smile on your mother’s face is the best thing you’ll ever see.

Thank you.

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