Essay on Mother’s Day (511 Words)

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A mother is the only person on this planet who can love unconditionally without dictating any terms and conditions.

Mother’s day is celebrated on 14th May every year worldwide as an honour to motherhood. A mother’s love is as pure as a dew drop; it is a relation that is beyond any judgement. Mother has an inherent quality of a healer. Her one glance can make things from worse to good.

This is an auspicious day for those who have the opportunity to be grateful and express love for their mothers.

She is that one person who will make your happiness her own happiness without giving it a second thought. She is more than just a mother; she is a friend for a lifetime, a healer, a guide and a role model.

Mother is the one that makes a house into a home. She not only nurtures her loved ones but instill a feeling of belonging and protection.

This inherent feeling of love, care, and respect for their children is not only a characteristic of human beings.

Every mammal protects its child, feeds them, make them learn the important lessons of life and give them strength to fight against the world to survive and become a better entity.

A mother is everything. She should be placed right next to the status of god as she is the sole reason for our existence on this planet. The bond that a mother and a child share cannot be compared to any other relationship in this world.

This connection flourishes in the first month, right from the inception of the child in the mother’s womb till we set our foot on ground.

Even, our earth is called as, Mother Earth as she provides without seeking anything in return. She gives us shade, food and shelter. So on this day, we owe to it our mother who is the sole reason for life.

A mother whole heartedly takes the responsibility for everyone in the family at the cost of her own comfort. She is empowered with love, strength, care and respect for everyone.

One must take an initiative to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and true feelings of a mother.

One must take the opportunity to revert back her platonic love on Mother’s day. To make her feel special, one can make homemade cards, plan an outing, buy her favourite flowers etc.

There are many ways of expressing love, but simply buying and gifting would not do justice to the cause of this day.

What really matters is a sense of fulfillment, a true feeling from inside. Being everything a mother tries to inculcate in their children can be the most beautiful gift any mother can receive.

A mother tries to reflect her values and morals in her children. The best gift we can give to our mothers’ on Mother’s day is being that person, she wished for when she gave birth to us.

Her teachings about life and people should be treasured, as there is no good a well wisher for you than her.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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