Essay on Morning Walk for Children | Importance & Benefits

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The greatest gift God has provided to man is nature. It is at its best form early in the morning. The air is pure, silence prevails all around and the rising sun looks beautiful like a babe. We can enjoy all this, if we go on a morning walk.

It ensures good health and refreshes the mind. It is a good exercise too. Regular morning walk keeps us fit, happy and fresh throughout the day.

Usually I get up at 5.00 a.m., drink two glasses of water and put on my jogging dress. Then I go out on my walk. My brother, Rahul, accompanies me. We go the Locality Garden. We pass through green fields that give us great joy and happiness.

Dewdrops on the blades of the grass look like beautiful pearls. The sweet smell of flower refreshes the mind. On reaching the Locality Garden, we do some light exercise. We see the golden rays of the rising sun.

Soon, every object looks golden as the sunrays fall on them. It is a beautiful scene to behold. When we return home, we feel very fresh and full of energy. Thus, a morning walk is a must for everybody. It refreshes the walker, cheers up his spirit and keeps him alert, active and agile throughout the day

Benefits of Morning Walk

As we are very familiar with the phrase that “Health is Wealth”, Really Morning walk is essential, and everyone should have habit of walking.

It is said that, the early morning rays of sun is very good for our health. By walking In the morning, your body will be healthy and fit.

Morning air is fresh air, which will also helpful for your breathing purpose.

It is also said that, in morning you should walk on grass without any foot wear, to control your blood circulation.

Walking reduces fatness; there is no chance of the dangerous “Obesity

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