Speech on Money for Children and Students

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Good morning people. Today I wish to put forward a speech in front of you on the topic ‘money’, and I wish your full co-operation throughout the time that I will be presenting. Also kindly pardon me for any mistake that I commit in this course. 

Everyone knows what is money right. Even a small kid knows what is money and where does it come from. “Where does money come from?” “From dad’s pocket, obviously!” “Oh really! How does it come in your dad’s pocket?” “From ATM”.

Well, I guess that was an honest answer from the child’s end. But keeping jokes apart where does the money really come from. How did the matter of currency really start?  Any idea about it? 

Such a miracle is money. Such a small piece of paper but everybody knows about it. Everybody wants it. Everybody uses it.

Money is what providing homes to millions and it is also a factor which is taking away the homes of millions. Once it is there and once it is not there.

When it is there with a person he thinks him to be the king of the world. When it’s not there he calls for god. The art is to keep money when it’s there with you.

Yes, you should be cautious about it when it’s there with you. Here is where people make the maximum mistake. When they have it they think they have lots.

So even if they spend it, it won’t matter, they will get it back again. But things take a different turn sometimes. Fact: – numismatics is the study of coins and money. 

The origins of money dates back to the prehistoric eras. At that time early man started trading. They traded for food, milk and animals mostly.

They did not have any form of monetary exchange. Hence they came out with the solution of paying by cows. The more number of cows that you have, the richer you are.

When you want to buy something you have to give away a cow. The prehistoric people used to pay by cattle and livestock and sometimes by crops.

But such forms of money couldn’t be reused. Grains would get rotten after few days. Hence this form of transaction slowly went out of existence. 

Later developed the concept of seals. We all know the famous seals of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. That is the first evidence of monetary transactions coming into play. The seals were used for trade and commerce. One even had a picture of a ship engraved on it. 

The first ruler in the Mediterranean known to have officially set standards of weight and money was Pheidon. 

Today money has developed to a great extent. Now different countries have their own currencies. Even a country as small as Nepal, it has its own currency. We can convert one form of currency to another. 

There is another term which comes into play when talking about money. That is the value of money. Money of different countries varies because of its value. In some countries the value of money is more and in some it is less.

The value of money is more in developed countries while it is less in developing countries like India. For example the value of a dollar in Indian currency is equal to sixty four rupees approximately. Hence we see the value of Indian currency is less. 

The development of coins and designs on notes is yet another story 

Money forging has been in practice since the time money came into existence. Money forging means making a duplicate copy of the money, but it is hard to differentiate the forged money and the original.

Nowadays with recent technological advancement, money forging have become easier. Hence everyday government is developing new means to stop money forging. 

Money also has two categories. Black money and white money. White money is the money that you have earned by good means.

Black money is the money that has been earned by following bad methods or means. Corruption is the way to earn black money. In India corruption and black money are major problems.

One sector of population strives hard to survive in poverty while another section is trying hard and searching new means everyday to hide away their black money. Some are too rich and some are too poor. 

Children are the ones who should be taught the value of money and how we should spend it. At a young age we do not have much idea about money. They should be taught the art of saving money. Children don’t understand how hard it is to earn money. Hence proper guidance and education is required 

This is all that I had to say about money. Next time before buying anything, think again….is it worth it? 

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