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Every country has its heart placed in its military power since the enormous strength of the country is normally decided by its military prowess. A country is looked upon and felt great by a view of its infrastructure facilities, roads, connectivity, networking, highways, bridges, flyovers, etc. People build or ruin a city.

They are said to be good citizens if they are able to live up to the good standards and maintain cleanliness in their places. The country’s vast heritage and culture is to be supported and taken forward by us citizens of the country.

It is our duty to take care of our motherland. It is our right and duty to give back to the country, which has offered us so much in terms of its rich and vast cultural heritage. There used to be times when kings and queens ruled our nation. India was a large nation split up internally and ruled by plenty of kings and queens.

There was hardly any mutual respect or understanding between these rulers and the various pages in history stand testimony to the fact. These rulers always had well defined and well demarcated kingdoms of their own which led to their rise in their lands.

They often faced threat from their neighbors, so they had to protect themselves and the men of their kingdom and build a strong network of supporters against the rebellion kingdoms. That gave rise to armies within kingdoms. These men of the king’s army pledged their lives to save their king in any situation and that is where we can see the origin of armies rising.

The military holds utmost importance in the pages of a country. Without military, we would be unprotected as a nation. There would be no one who would stop infiltrates from other countries entering or spying inside our country.

There would be no check on terrorist activities, there would be cross border terrorism issues up surging every other day. Our lives would become a living hell without the greatest gift of military protection and we owe them a great deal of respect and love for the service they render to the country and the countrymen.

Military Orders

Soldiers recruited in military are taught to respect and place the country and the motherland before their own lives. That goes to say that they have to pledge their lives in the service of the nation. Every nation has a military order.

Starting from the highest rank till the lowest one, every soldier recruited in military has to be duty bound and respect his services till the peril of his life. Discipline, dedication and obedience are some of the key words taught in military and every soldier, whatever rank he belongs to, has to follow these commandments without fail.

Soldiers are taught to obey military orders with dedication and obedience. They are taught to be determined to carry out difficult combat operations. They are trained in such a way that they are high headed in keeping their motherland before anything else.

Military Training

Training in the military is a dream for many. Though it’s one of the toughest training’s a country provides, there are many who take up the entrance exams for getting appointed into many services of the military wings.

After successful clearance of exams and further interviews, a person first joins his military training as a cadet, to become a soldier of the nation in due course. Cadets are provided the toughest training’s that teach them to deal with machines, weapons, artillery, to fire guns, to handle big military equipment’s in times of war etc. their classroom training inducts moral values, strength and power in them.

Duty, discipline, dedication are some of the key words that are taught to cadets through their tough training modules.

Cadets are taught skills in swimming, paragliding, parasailing, to wade through trenches, to survive in the most difficult terrains, mountaineering, rock climbing and the list goes on. The extensive and exhaustive training makes a cadet thorough with his ambition of becoming a true soldier.

Most important of all, cadets are trained in true colors of patriotism and the values inherited in our motherland. Battle and war training’s are also part of their extensive modules.

They have to undergo the residential training by enrolling themselves into the program after successful induction and the tough training provides them big goals for the nation. They become ready to take up any mission and make it possible with their skills and expertise.

Military Uniform

Every soldier has to follow strict orders when in military uniform. Every nation has its own dress code for the military and they have to follow strict protocols associated with their code of conduct.

The military dress holds a very important place in a soldier’s life and it is an achievement to wear laurels on the military uniform. True hard word, dedication and sincerity are life values taught to a soldier and every soldier lives by these values and morals in his life.

Communication in Military

The most important aspect in military and combat operations is the ease of communication and effectiveness with which the military personnel communicate within their own teams and with the opposite, warring forces.

There have been many incidents where the lack of communication or miscommunication has led to various misunderstanding between warring parties, leading to disastrous actions and subsequent events. Therefore communication is a very important aspect of military operations.

One wrong decision can lead to miscommunication internally and when the wrong message gets conveyed to the entire team, every member starts interpreting the message in various different ways.

When every team member starts treating the message in his own way, it is common to find different meanings and loopholes and thus direct themselves in different ways. This leads to a disastrous situation as the team spreads out acting in different directions and thus the operation becomes a weak one.

Such situations become common in many events and to avoid all this, the base keyword is communication. Effective communication is the answer to all such misunderstandings that arise and have to be tackled in the best manner possible.

There could be many critical situations which need critical thinking and implementation needs a lot of precision and acting with responsibility. Irresponsible decisions can count on the pride of a nation and build or destroy its fame.

Respect of Protocols in Military

Senior orders have to be respected and followed without doubt. No place for arrogance and a little mis-management can lead to troubled situations. Military operations involve a lot of critical and meticulous thinking and only experienced persons involved in real time handling of situations can lead and tackle them effectively.

The decisions taken by top brass authorities in the military are reflected on the whole nation as a single decision can be making or destructing for the entire nation.

Tension between neighboring countries is common place in these days of judgmental decision making and biased thinking of nations. When two countries wage war against each other, tension mounts on the top orders of the military and they have to take each and every decision with utmost care.

Every move of theirs will be watched upon and they will have to handle the nation at large. The military deals with critical decision making and big responsibilities on an everyday basis and it’s an everyday affair for them to treat each situation and each event differently and in a wise manner.

Disaster Management and Military

The military is involved not only in critical decision making for the nation in terms of discussions between nations and other effective authoritative grounds, their services are also essential when the country is facing difficult situations like floods, famines, natural disasters etc.

To pull people out of trapped situations and to ease them from such calamities, soldiers carry out operations to bring relief to affected persons. Rehabilitation of affected persons in such situations is also other responsibilities of the military personnel.

People enrolled in military have personal lives and families too. In spite of this fact, they always stand head on wearing the country’s pride on their shoulders and treat their responsibility and duty before anything else.

It is of utmost importance to respect soldiers and military personnel of our nation who stand rock solid in support in the chilling storms on the country’s borders to protect the nation and safety for its citizens.

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