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Be it simple or grand, a wedding is a joyous occasion to be celebrated with all loved ones.

A wedding ceremony ties up all the customs and rituals necessary to bring together a couple who wish to commit to each other through marriage.

The wedding day is that special day that both the bride and the groom wish to remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. So what could make that special day an unforgettable one?

Could it be the festive environment, the grandeur of the decorations, the happiness of being surrounded by near and dear ones or the excitement of the beginning of a whole new phase of life?

Well, a memorable wedding day is without doubt all of these and a lot more.  

Across cultures, wedding celebrations could stretch from a few hours to a few days.

Irrespective of the place or the people involved or their customs, a wedding in general comprises of a nicely decorated venue with a gathering of family and friends, the ceremony, the wedding feast and a reception to wish the newlywed couple. 

Wedding in a Typical Indian Family 

A wedding involves a lot of people both on the bride’s and the bridegroom’s side of the families. All these people enjoy and remember the wedding from their own point of view. It is a unique experience for everyone.  

The Families

Ever since a child is born, the parents put in their best efforts to ensure his or her good upbringing. They dream of a bright future for their child and provide all that is necessary to make sure that he or she becomes a responsible adult.

And when it comes to a daughter, along with all that they wish for her to accomplish, the parents also dream of a happily married life for her. They plan and save their income to ensure that she has her dream wedding.

For them the happiness of giving away their daughter, knowing that she would from then on continue the journey of her life with her better half and awaiting to see her start her own family, make the wedding day a memorable one. 

Most of the wedding rituals are centred around the bride as it is she who is going away in marriage. It is because of this reason that the bride’s family has to make most of the planning and arrangements to host the wedding.

These elaborate preparations bring together close family members and friends and this itself could further add to the joy of the wedding event.  

On the other hand the groom’s family enjoys being pampered by the bride’s family at every stage.

For them witnessing their son enter marital life, preparing to welcome the new bride into their family, hoping to share a daughter’s love with their daughter-in-law and to see the family grow would definitely make it an unforgettable day for the groom’s parents as well. 

The Bride and the Groom

Any typical girl would start making plans for her wedding even before she could have met her future bridegroom. For her every small detail matters. Nothing short of perfection is acceptable when it comes to the most special day of her life.

A beautifully decorated venue, grand attire with suitable accessories, being in the spotlight are somethings that every bride desires for.

To top it all off is the thought of commencing a new journey in life with her companion, a relation she would treasure for the rest of her life. 

Just like the bride, the groom also receives a lot of attention in the wedding ceremony.  Right from the pre-wedding celebrations, the groom is given a royal treatment, offered a lot of gifts and pampered by the bride’s family.

For both the bride and the groom the wedding is a commitment they make to love, honour and respect each other. It’s the first step they take to build their family, something they could look back down the line and cherish in their lives.  

After the marriage ceremony, in most customs, the bride leaves her parents house to begin her married life with her husband and her in-laws in the marital house.

This can be an emotionally unforgettable experience for both the bride and her parents.  

Relatives and Friends

A well planned wedding does not just concentrate on the bride and the groom. It also focuses on keeping the guests happy and entertained.

For the distant relatives and friends a wedding could be a delightful social gathering.  It can be an occasion to meet and greet old acquaintances and make new ones too.

It can be an opportunity to witness and learn about different customs and rituals across cultures and be a part of the festivities involved.

In many cultures pre or post-wedding celebrations involve singing and dancing or other forms of entertainment, making it an event worthy of remembering and cherishing.  

Another important aspect that could make a wedding memorable is a tasty and sumptuous wedding feast. It plays a very essential role in the success of a wedding.

Like the differences that can be seen in the ceremony across cultures, there is also variety seen in the menu.

The type of food that is served and the way it is done can give an insight about the respective customs and traditions of these cultures.  

To Sum up

A successful wedding is a much anticipated and cherished event in one’s life. It is a celebration of union of a match made in heaven.

It does not necessarily have to be an elaborate and grand one to always be remembered. The love and warmth of friends and family certainly could make it a memorable day for all those involved.

The rituals and celebrations are meant to bring families closer and it is this tradition and commitment to love and respect each other that has to be passed on to the generations to come to preserve the sanctity of the marriage, making it truly a memorable one.

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