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To quote American author, TV personality and chef Anthony Bourdain, “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you.”  

Very well said are the lines in context of every itinerary. Voyages and tours make one better person. The magic of travel gives some magical moments.

The whole process of getting from one place to another may be tiresome and frustrating. But at the end no one would deny the fact that the pleasure of travelling is worth remembering throughout the life. 

The ups and down of voyage gives reason later on in life to laugh out at. The memories of trips add humour to life and gives inspiration to explore more.

Travelling incurs cost but that cost at times results in good friends in strangers. One learns to trust strangers. And the sharing and caring aspect of life gets deep rooted in traveller`s mind.  

One gets new stories while travelling and the companions at time end up being friends forever. The places visited and the memory attached with any trip lends memorable moments. The duration of trip is not important but the people we meet during voyage are of great importance. We learn from them and teach them too many reasons to smile without any season. 

The souvenir, family photographs and site photographs brought from the trip gives solitary moments a companion. Sometimes language and dress code of some particular region may make you look like an outsider.

But one always doesn’t need verbal communication to convey. The signs and the expressions have their own validity and sometimes this validity has universal approach. 

I do remember our last family trip to Australia. It is world`s smallest continent. First of all the natural beauty of the country is mesmerising.

The national animal, kangaroo, is itself a delight to watch. Travel to outback of Australia and chances are there you may come across hopping animal your way. Australians are animal loving and almost 60% of them have pets. 

I came across the fact that Australians are very sport enthusiastic. Almost 24% of Australians above age of 15, participate in organised sports. The compulsory education of children between age of 5 to 16 is another feature in Australian`s cap. 

There is no state religion in Australia. People are free to choose religion and that choice varies from Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity to name a few.  Neither is there any official language spoken. English is language of masses so the foreign visitor doesn’t faces much of the problem in communicating with locals. 

Most memorable trip essayAustralian homes number of beautiful creature such as koala and emu bird. The pair of koala and eucalyptus is iconic of Australia. It is marked with 16 world heritage site. One may discover Australia’s coastal and aquatic beauty. It has most diverse and distinctive natural environment with spectacular views.

One can climb snow-capped mountains and swim in some of the most clear water environments on earth.  Letting one come close to nature and explore the open space is one of the specialty of Australia. 

One may explore the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, which stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres along the Queensland coastline. Snorkel, scuba dive are much of sorted after sports for this site. Or one may take a flight over reef to experience the natural beauty of the water and aquatic life there in. 

The road trip of Australia is the best way to make one`s trip memorable. Australian road trips cover every length and landscape. It has a vast network of well-maintained roads and some of the most beautiful road trips in the world. Train travel is a convenient, affordable and scenic way to explore Australia. 

But it’s said when you want to explore any city try to travel in its local bus. Same I try to did as I wanted to have first-hand experience. It was an Experience of bumping into strangers who are miles away from the home country. I want to see if the human nature is same throughout the world. Or the natural demography brings in differences in general human attributes too. 

I was on a bumpy bus ride. The bus was full, so I and my brother were standing and holding onto a bar for support. When the bus suddenly hit a very large bump, I slipped and fall right into a young man`s lap sitting right under my nose.

Most people would have felt embarrassed, picked themselves up as quickly as possible. And would have apologized for not making eye contact with the other person. Many in the bus did the same as the bus was pretty crowed too.  

But I rested in the person’s lap for a moment, gave him a big smile and we both shared a good laugh together.  Even though we didn’t verbally communicate with each other, smiles and laughter transcended all languages and culture. A sort of connection did develop.

That guy was really of helping nature. He immediately stood up leaving his seat for me to be seated. There after he accompanied us in local site seeing of that area too. Though he had his own commitments to meet, yet he took out time for my family. He suggested on best hotels and the cuisines we should try before leaving Australia.   

It was he who taught me that life is not just what one may think of. One must take out time for others too. Because you never know when and where one may find their best friend. For life, like music, knows no barriers. One should keep the options open. Friends and emotions may get connected anywhere.

These are the moments that define a trip and that you’ll talk about for years and may be throughout your life to come. We are still good friends though we never visited each other again. Yet the memories of the trip keep visiting me and giving reasons to cherish my life. 

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