Mastering Public Speaking with Professional Executive Coaching Training Program

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Public speaking is what gives many people sleepless nights. It is a challenge for many successful entrepreneurs, who are famous for their innovations and business visions. Yet, the very same people feel the butterflies in their stomach the moment they step up on the stage.

It happens to the best of us, and right then we hope for a pill or potion that can replace our stage fright with confidence. Sadly, there is no magic potion, but there are experienced executive coaches who can help you with public speaking. So, Executive Coaching Singapore is here to share the top five myths about public speaking that you should shun.

  1. Open with an anecdote

Have you ever been to a party, where you tried to win over the crowd with a joke, but it backfired utterly? Opening with a joke is an outdated concept that can backfire terribly if you don’t know anything about the crowd. A misplaced sense of humor can create a wrong first impression. Instead of a joke that may or may not capture the attention of your audience, you should try to open with an authentic story from your work or life experience.

  1. Leverage PowerPoint presentations

When was the last time you attended a seminar or conference that had PowerPoint? According to the experts at Executive Coaching Singapore, it is the time for animation and videos. You can use screenshots to prove a point, but PowerPoint is definitely a bit trite. If putting your audience to sleep is your primary goal, then go ahead with the slides. Otherwise, stick to a simple storyline with an exciting narrative.

  1. Practice will make it perfect

This rule assumes that the best speakers always rehearse and polish the same speech over and over to achieve perfection. According to professional executive coaches, you should focus on creative and unique content for every public interaction. You might come across people, who were present in your last talk. You do not want to doze off in the middle of your speech.

  1. Don’t gesticulate

When we interact with anyone, our hands move a lot. It is impossible to convey your true emotions without moving your hands. It is common to hear that you should keep your hands still so as not to distract the audience. However, that can take away the authenticity, animation, and warmth from your speech. When speaking, always act naturally, as you would during an everyday conversation.

  1. Focus on your facts

Well, facts should be an integral part of your talk, especially if you are speaking to a niche educated audience. However, don’t let your facts take over the talk. Let people understand the emotions and implication of each point you are trying to make. Filling your entire talk with statistics is the best way to drive an audience to the next auditorium quickly. Lead with passion.

These are the few points of advice you should always keep in mind while addressing an audience. Remembering these can help you overcome stage fright and embrace your leadership skills.

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