Luck vs Hard work Essay & Debate for Children & Students (300 words)

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How we can define luck or hard work? Are they important parameters in some one’s life? Will they help to succeed in career, family or daily livelihood? Which is better luck or hard work?

There is a great saying “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” By Gary Player.

Whenever we do some work we should know its background and outcome. All parameters are not enough to succeed in life but all you need is luck and over all that you need hard work. If you give your 100% hard work then you will definitely succeed but apart from hard work you need luck too because both plays equal role in a person’s life.

We have two kinds of mentality which selects either work hard and take rest or take rest and then work hard. What you want to be? Generally hard work is built in such a way that it can kill much bad luck and attracts good luck and give fruit as an output.

Luck and Hard Work

There are two types of people, one is dependent on luck and wait for outcome as success which will come to their door steps and other do continuous hard work to achieve success and success welcome them.

Deciding that which is important among luck and hard work is a question that has only two options. But you can’t figure out which will be more important in your life as a result we choose intermediate option which is ‘both’.

Hard work is important but if you do work for your entire life and never give yourself some personal space or time then that work will never give enjoyment. On the other hand if your luck is so good that you win a lottery or you inherit something unexpected then again you will be wasting your life without doing anything.

Story of two friends

I will tell you one incident through which you can decide among the two options.

There were two friends Tom and Michael. Both are working in a same company. Tom was a hard worker; he does his job perfectly with in dead line. He was so busy in work that he was unable to give proper time to his family. Hence he gained multiple promotions but he remained apart from his family because work became his priority.

On other hand Michael was a free person who believes in luck and leaves everything on his luck. He is enjoying his life without taking care of his work and family. At the end of day Michael can’t able to succeed in his job and got terminated because he was unable to perform what he was capable of doing.

Above given both scenarios tells us that both hard work and luck are incomplete if we depend on any one of them.

Many lucky people don’t use their luck in proper way and their life becomes miserable because they continuously ignore their real work. Moreover money is not everything as money can’t give satisfaction and money alone can’t make your life meaningful.


If you spend your whole life dreaming of winning a lottery some day (so that you will be free from your work) and you do not want to do something meaningful in your life, this means that you are wasting your life. If you somehow someone wins a lottery at the age of 60 then you will forget you work you have done in your whole life because your luck made you to win that lottery, but that there will be no use because it can affect your family also.

To become a successful person in your life and to enjoy your life along with your dear ones then you must do your work with interest which motivates you more and more.

Sometimes we are forced to do some work which we do not like but try it as a task and slowly develop your passion for it then your hard work and luck definitely helps you to achieve flying colors.

You make prayers in front of god, you recall your parents or god before going to give exam or you go to meet someone and want positive reply then you believe in hard work as well as in your luck.

If you get out from your bed to do your work which fills you with more excitement then you are in right direction as your luck will become building blocks for your hard work.

You can say that luck is a punch and hard work is the power behind it. So, I think that hard work is important if and only if you are aware your well being and you really know about what you are doing. Never believe in one of them, try to do work under your luck and face it with your hard work.

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