Local Self Government in India Essay | Meaning & Functions

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Local self government is who manages the village, district, town and it is managed by peoples themselves and the one who is elected by people. Imperial government is that in which the management of whole nation takes place and it is elected by central government.

In England the parish’s local affairs are managed by the elected council of parish. The different parishes are elected according to need.

When the power of nation will get centralized only then democracy can succeed. People can get their rights by local self-government. When power get decentralized then every individual can get chance to develop their personality and also they can get scope.

There are many schools and colleges those are developed by local self-government and these are the best ones to give proper knowledge to people.

Importance of local self government

For equality purpose people wants to live in democracy. India is very big and populated country and because of this population the problems of peoples are also very vast.

In India it is very important to have local government because villages are very far apart from cities so people of villages don’t get proper education and resources and also racism and classism can be found in villages so for this purpose it is required to form local government in villages. I villages it is called as Panchayat.

From local self-government the local problems of people can be solved and also it reduces some if the responsibilities from central government.

Local self-government manages local affairs by the representative of locality itself.

Local self-governments are like panchayats, municipalities. They take the matter of people seriously and help them, such as sanitation, water, power supply, construction and management of roads, primary education and colleges.

In India we call local government as panchayati raj.

Panchayati Raj

According to Gandhiji the freedom of nations is not real until the villages become economically and politically strong. It is necessary to make efforts to build economical values and the Panchayati Raj system is built to realize them.

It provides people to empower their local communities and to accomplish major goals. It is very necessary to develop the villages because people suffered a lot after independence. Then after independence community developed some programs for rural development.

Panchayati Raj is connected with programmatic and organizational evolution. In programmatic evolution it takes the responsibility to provide necessary leadership for the implementation development programs.

Benefits of having local self government

Local government and local people can realize and understand the problems of local people more seriously than the central government and state government administrators and also they can take care of their problems and properly solve them.

In local self-government the people have contact with local people so that they can take positive steps towards them and take responsibilities of them. Mostly local self government remains corruption free and they acts with the motive of social welfare.

When people are in trouble it is the task of local self-government to identify the problem and find solutions for them so that they can perform well.

It is impossible for government to find the problem of people of villages and if they do they can get overloaded with the responsibilities of people.

Local self-government has the knowledge of their local people and to solve the problems local self-government gets the co-corporation of people and local people also gets the participation in the local government.

The institutions of local self-government are very helpful as compared to state and central government. It is very necessary to inspire people to take part in activities of government.

Local self-government unites the people with leadership and democracy and supports and encourages them to take part in activities without any bias.


It is necessary to have local government in every village because they can interact with local people better than state and central government. To solve the problem of local people local government is very much required.

Local people don’t have knowledge where to take help from or from where they can find the solution of their problems in this context local self government can help them.

Central and state government will get overloaded if they go in each and every village to take care of them and it might be possible that they cannot take their problems seriously but local government can help the local people anytime.

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